2019: Gearing Up Through Sacred Action (video)

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Much is being unveiled. Here’s how I see the road ahead.

Please share your experience and perspective in the comments below!

Links Referenced:

+ Subscribe email: https://takebackyourpower.net/subscribe
+ David Dieda, “Way of the Superior Man”: https://deida.info
+ Satyen Raja​​: https://warriorsage.com
+ Michael Singer, “The Untethered Soul”: https://untetheredsoul.com
+ Watch “Take Back Your Power 2017” free: http://y2u.be/8ZTiT9ZSg3Q
+ The Killers, “Heart Of A Girl”: http://y2u.be/39J1DsdzFbs

Props To:

+ Kelly Brogan​ for Vital Mind Reset: https://kellybroganmd/vitalmindreset
+ Nate Johnston​ for prophetic encouragements
+ Adrian Armstrong​ for health-restoring PEMF tech
+ Rousseau​ for world bridging

  • Jenny N says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Thank you so much for sharing this (and yourself) with us, Josh del Sol Beaulieu. So good, so true, so beautiful. You inspire us all with your integrity, truth, and love. I love you–and your book recommendations. (I would add to your list Glenda Green’s books Love Without End: Jesus Speaks and The Keys of Jeshua. They can be found at https://inspiredorigination.com/product-category/books/.)

  • Anne says:

    Your words brought tears and a sigh and finally, a smile. Deep breath, continue. Knowledge of what is happening, understanding what was causing my physical symptoms, was a gift I found, a few years back, in your documentary. It explained so much of what I’d experienced – hindsight is 20/20, right?
    We’ve lost too many in confusion about what was happening to them.
    I continue, best I can, to spread the word.
    Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.
    You’ve been a light in dark times.
    And music is always healing.
    So, guess we fall down occasionally, but knowing ourselves not to be alone, we get up again.
    Take care.

    • Josh del Sol Beaulieu says:

      Anne, thank you warmly for this. At my core I know there is a bigger & better narrative that’s happening. When I’m able to stay connected with that aspect of me, things make sense. I think that so many experience something similar. Appreciating your encouragement. 🙂

  • Brian Hurst says:

    A great message,Josh. Thank you for making me so much more aware of what I personally can do to awaken many people to the dangers of smart meters and also to the plan to radiate the Earth from space with 5G wireless energy. I have tweeted Dianne Feinstein, NASA, the International Space Station and Elon Musk about stopping the spread of this dangerous technology which will be most harmful to bees, birds, humans and all life forms on this planet. I have got no response so far but my tweets have been read by many and “liked.” My smart meter here in Palm Springs is covered with a cylindrical fine wire cage to block the microwaves. Several of my neighbors have also covered their meters and stopped their headaches and sleeplessness. I have ethernet cable connection to my laptop and the wireless turned off. My modem is at a distance from me and covered with tinfoil which has helped considerably as I am definitely electro-sensitive. Again thank you Josh for educating us about these very real threats to our health and well-being. At 80 years of age I published my first science Fiction novel The Mars Experiment on Amazon. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1980440700 Take a look. Sincerely, Brian Edward Hurst.

  • Karen says:

    Dear Josh, you put to words all my thoughts. We are here, and we are the ones we have been waiting for. Have you ever listened to Patricia Cota Robles, Her messages are beautiful and timely. As I listened to you speak, I had visions of a group of us standing in a circle, holding hands, and shining our sovereign light. Finding our tribe is key. Perhaps a gathering of lake minds will happen. You are appreciated and loved. Warmly, Karen

  • Wit says:

    Dear Josh,
    very remarkable, what you are telling. Just like you I was experiencing the time after the shortest day 2018 as a very strong sphere of calmness, just as if the thunders and troubles all lie in the past.

    Yes, we all are here on this journey in order to pass our school, a school that ist adjusted to our own individuality.

    And more and more I get the impression that we are not only taking part in a play of an allmighty creator, but moreover we are developing ourselves into creators. Not only do we take part in the creation process as a bystander and an observer, but we ourselves perform or take part in the process of creation. An important revelation!

    All the best for the coming time!


  • Michelle says:

    Thanks Josh, fellow immortal, sovereign soul. 2018 was a hard year, internally and externally, but I’m feeling the “unfolding” too. We are powerful. And still here!

  • Barbara says:

    Thank you for that from my very soul

  • moli says:

    Thank you Josh,

  • astaras says:

    thank you Josh. the time is really coming – here – as we take back our Power! you might enjoy astrologer Adrienne Elise on Ytube. love xx

  • Suzy says:

    Oh yes Josh!! You are finally doing YOU!! Enjoy the INCREDIBLE unfolding of your beauty within !!And you are enough out in the world-more than enough! Great to hear you share this whilst walking in that gorgeous setting. 2018 can SO do one but 2019 is THE BOMB!!!! Take care. xx

  • Hannah says:

    hey Josh

    You are bang on at the moment with where i’m finding myself. I’m currently reading the book “Mind” by Daniel Siegel”. Dealing with EHS I’ve had very low moments and then peaks when I for example found the DNRS Annie Hopper program which did help for light sensitivity. Recently I’ve found my wireless sensitivity has got worse. i’m currently setting up a digital detox camp on our farm and also specialising in prenatal digital detox. I love being with groups of people so I am looking forward to this greatly.

    What I find is that dealing with stuff like EMF safety and inner well being are like opposing magnets. For example when I was doing the DNRS training I wasn’t meant to think or talk about EMF safety because it would fire up the neurons connected to my fight or flight reaction in my brain. I was just focusing on how I wanted things to be.

    It’s really tricky to feel connected and integrated while talking about the dangers of wireless. I’m guessing this is because there is fear. so my challenge here is how to blend the two. Because surely my message will get across a lot clearer and people will be more receptive to it.

    On Daniel Siegel’s website “Mindsight” he has a free download of his wheel or awareness technique so i’m going to look into that and give it a go.

    So thank you Josh for sharing.

    Sending loads of love


  • sohani says:

    Bless you young man, as a 70 year old , I know what we have all been through over the years, battling for the light to fully come here, such a beautiful natural planet.

  • Ingrid says:

    Dear Josh,
    Great Words, so True & such an Inspiration – You are really Speaking From Your Innermost Beautiful Heart ;-)…
    I will share this with many people!

    Charles Eisenstein has written – The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. A book for all of us about change and so on. His page: charleseisenstein.org. There is also a fantastic course; Space between stories, check it up!

    Some years ago, I was a part of a course that learned me a lot & helped me upon my own journey. We worked with these two books: 1. Active Hope, How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy. 2. Coming Back To Life.


  • Josh,
    It sounds like you are ready for a technique to come back to Your SELF, the unbounded ocean of energy and intelligence which is our own Being.
    Learn Transcendental Meditation (TM) and take it off the intellectual level and have it as your experience. http://www.tm.org
    You are right. The power of Awakening and deep Unification is rising in the world. Be That Change by Knowing your Self, experientially, the only way It can truly be known.

  • Debra TCGW says:

    Yes and Amen! I’ve read deep calls to deep – your depth was inspiring and full of hope. I am so glad, although not surrounded by those who share these same hope, I am overjoyed to know I am not alone in my perceptions of the way forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Ingrid says:

    Dear Josh,
    Great Words, so True & such an Inspiration – You are really Speaking From Your Innermost Beautiful Heart ;-)…
    I will share this with many people!

    Charles Eisenstein has written – The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. A book for all of us about change and so on. His page: charleseisenstein.org. There is also a fantastic course; Space between stories, check it up!

    Some years ago, I was a part of a course that learned me a lot & helped me upon my own journey. We worked with these two books: 1. Active Hope, How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy. 2. Coming Back To Life.


  • Donald King says:

    I have admired your dedication to the smart meter cause and leadership in that you have provided. I went through the NOL process and now am in my 8th month of the struggle. I still have my analog meter and my neighbors have their digital meters. But that is all for that topic for now.
    From the beginning, I could sense a spiritual sense about you. I appreciate the God shaped vacuum you feel inside your soul as you draw near the salvation that Christ won for us on the cross. Just be sure you are weighing the teachings that you may give ear to , with sound biblical doctrine. Satan knows his time is drawing short as the prophesies of these last days we are in are being fulfilled. The final stage is being set for God to remove His redeemed believers and proceed with dealing with the Jewish nation and as the anti-christ one world government blooms to full power. The Bible warns us of deceptions and cautions the body of Christ to keep our eyes on Him.
    We must discern between good and evil, but that is easier than telling the difference between evil and ALMOST good. Men do not become gods. There are great Biblical truths to edify yourself with so that He can show Himself to you. You are seeking , and that is good!
    I have been listening to a solid teacher we stumbled upon about 4 years ago. It is not about him, it is about Biblical truth. Search for a YOUTUBE channel called ” Real Life With Jack Hibbs” There is much there, and new added all the time!

  • Josh – I am very familiar with speaking truth to power!! I applaud you for speaking truth to those who need to join us in that endeavor. And there are soooo many truths we need to be speaking! Thank you!! -GrannySue

  • Ben Peterson says:

    Well done Josh!
    I think you captured how we all feel.
    Speaking of community. I have been developing a small community site on the Kitsap Peninsula.
    If anyone wants to take action in that direction please reach out to me at http://www.solarstation.com

  • Randi says:

    Hi Josh,
    I know we are all connected when I have a visceral reaction to someone else expressing themselves like you have.
    Many thanks for choosing vulnerability at times, and not hiding it from us. The world needs more and more of this kind of sensitivity I believe.

    Much caring,

  • Janet Gilbert says:

    Thank you Josh. This video spoke to my soul when I needed to be uplifted and feeling not so alone on my journey . As I drove home last night psalms 23 came to my mind “even when I walk through the dark valley of death,I will not be afraid for you are close beside me”. That is so comforting to know as we gear up for the battle ahead of us . Thank you for men like Josh and Lloyd Burrell for getting the message out about the dangers we are up against and to not feel overwhelmed but to be strong in our faith.

  • Judy says:

    Thank you so much for touching my heart today. Maranatha!!! Love you brother.

  • Randy Klinzing says:

    I thank you brother for sharing that. I can’t tell you how much relate to the thought process you’ve been going thru. I’m happy you were able thru the grace of God put things in perspective? Ultimately he is in control no matter how bleak things look sometimes. God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. I’ve had to sit down and rationalize my thoughts and when my outlook is hopeless as I see the evil growing. I ask myself who am I allowing to sit at my table if not God it’s the enemy. I had a real awkening as of 2019 an awareness like I’ve never experienced before. I believe God is revealing things because the time is near. It’s not about us it’s about his Will. The human Will and selfishness or human condition is the root of all this evil. So long story short keep shining light on the path your message was a blessing for me so thank you for all that your sharing.

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