Are 5G / Biometric Systems Being Covertly Installed During the Lockdown, Where YOU Live?

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In recent days a couple videos have begun circulating on social media with evidence of apparent installations of 5G and/or biometric systems while children are home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

We now have the opportunity to confirm (or debunk) reports of these covert installations at schools everywhere. We need your help with this – see the bottom of this post for what to do.

First, on March 16, the YouTube channel Logic Before Authority posted a video detailing a message he received from an apparent member of a local school board. This whistleblower detailed how school districts were intending to covertly install 5G equipment in schools during the lockdown, under the direction of the U.S. Department of Education. The companies being sent in were instructed to act as if they are there to disinfect the schools to stop the spread of the virus.

Watch that video here:

Following the Logic Before Authority video, On March 18 another video began circulating showing a fleet of white work vans behind an unknown school. Although we do not see the name or location of the school, the video clearly shows vans for two companies – Systems Plus Wisconsin and North American Mechanical, Inc. Both companies appear to be headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

While American Mechanical, Inc focuses on plumbing and mechanical services, Systems Plus Wisconsin clearly states they install biometric systems. The person filming the video called the school to ask whether the vans were involved with anything related to 5G. The person on the other end of the line then immediately hung up the phone.

Watch the second video here:

These videos, and others, have since sparked a growing number of social media comments from folks claiming to have seen work vans and/or towers and antennas being installed on school grounds during the quarantines. In fact, TBYP writer Derrick Broze was able to confirm that systems were being installed at Houston area schools during shutdown.

What’s happening in your neighborhood?

Now we need your help gathering more evidence! Most of us have been asked to stay home from work and our children have been indefinitely sent home from school. This absence from the daily grind has provided us with the opportunity to question the narratives that are unfolding around us.

Take a walk or drive to your local school to see if you notice anything unusual, such as work vans or telecom companies on site. If so, call the school and politely ask for more details. Please be courteous, but firm. If it’s the case that the U.S. Department of Education (or other state, federal or local agencies) are indeed working with the telecoms to covertly install 5G and/or biometric systems in schools, parents deserve to know!

Scroll down, and post your details and links to pictures in the comments section below! Once we gather enough credible evidence we be able to accordingly move forward with an organized action.

Then, please write your school board superintendent, school principal, or elected reps! Here’s an example script which is courteous and firm.

Here are some of the initial comments from YouTube and Facebook:

“I went to check my local school after I saw the video you posted on this today — sure enough, 3 telecom vehicles were the only vehicles in sight. Sneaky and evil. “
-Deirde R, March 19 (Texas)

“My sister is a teacher in TN and they have been told to stay out while maintenance cleans.”
-Break the Chains, March 20

“The installation of 5G towers while everyone is being ‘quarantined’.”
-Phoenix M, March 20 (BC)

“At least 40+ vans. Not including the ones parked in corner of buildings or in front of schools.”
-Ivonne J, March 20 (North Texas)

“They are installing 5g around schools here in Richmond, Virginia today–the first day schools are closed due to this fake coronavirus. Trucks are out digging up roads for the fiber installation of 5g.”
-Commenter, March 17

“This is a Federal Company, a simple google search leads you to their licensing. They are sub licensed as “Business Radio Licensing”, pretty generic name huh? which is a front company for the feds and 5g.”
-WTF198, March 19

“Im actually watching these Persons in their altech trucks placing 5G boxes on poles right outside of my apartment building They started down the whole block actually.”
-Wanda F, March 17

“I live across the street from two schools… This morning I saw 2 white trucks and men wearing yellow vest. They seemed to be with the electric company but nothing on their truck or person said so.”
-Barbara L, March 18

” One of the shopping malls in downtown Seattle is closed till April 2nd “because of the Virus” – A worker there told my Mom they are installing Five Jee during the closure. All dining establishments and our library are also closed and one of the downtown Starbucks is doing “renovations” – I think they are using the Virus as a cover for the nationwide roll-out. “
-Rusty S, March 19

Apparently happening in Denmark too
-March 19

Where could this all be leading?

Our concern is that 5G could be installed without our knowledge while we are grappling with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the installation of biometric systems could be a part of a more sinister agenda.

Namely, we are concerned that after the COVID-19 pandemic passes we will still be dealing with the repercussions of newly installed 5G, biometric systems, thermal imaging cameras or even temperature guns to detect who MAY have COVID-19.

Even more worrisome is the idea of government-mandated vaccinations; and, for example, that only those who can prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine (once it’s developed) will be allowed back to work, school, public parks, public transportation, etc. 

This is even more worrisome when you consider that Bill Gates – a long time proponent of vaccinations and population control – recently stated:

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

What does Gates mean by a “digital certificate”? Could it be tied in to the Global ID2020 or the discussion of a “tattoo” that tells the medical authorities whether you have been vaccinated, for example? 

It certainly seems so, by admissions on this Reddit thread:

(click image to expand)

At the moment we simply don’t know where the COVID-19 pandemic will lead, but it is certainly being exploited to push several agendas which do not bode well for human health and freedom. 


1. Share details of what’s happening at schools in your area! Post comments below so we can collect all the evidence! For pictures and videos, post the links after you upload it onto another site, since this site can’t host uploads at this time.

Solutions for Humanity

2. Join our new Telegram Channel for updates! We have just launched a new Telegram channel for an upcoming initiative, “Solutions For Humanity.” Please follow our channel for updates as we build out a new interactive community. Telegram is encrypted, uncensored and apparently secure. (First: install Telelgram on your computer – you can also use it on phone. Second: follow us @Sol4h.)

  • Christine Zipps says:

    Thanks for compiling this, Josh. As you know, our WIRED SCHOOLS group is tracking this and looking to dispel or confirm that this activity is taking place during the school closures.
    I just produced a related video and will add a link to this video as it does relate to our topic.
    Many thanks for all you are and do!

  • Kamer Veselji says:

    Thank you Josh.

  • Dr. Edna Rosenthal says:

    This 5G installations are more dangerous over time than the coronavirus and it is impossible to believe how blinded are these people

    • Randy says:

      I believe it! We are being attacked from all sides and the majority of the population are totally oblivious.

    • Bill says:

      Dr they are not Blinded the people calling the shots know what they are doing . That’s why reasonable arguments are useless with these people proofs are meaningless . The only way you will stop them is with a lawsuit . they will not listen

      • JLConolly says:

        You’d have to get a judge to hear the case first and judges can be bought or meet with “unfortunate accidents”. Even if that doesn’t happen and a judge actually survives to hear the case, the other side has innumerable ways to stall indefinitely. I agree that reasonable arguments are useless with “true believers”. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.


      Not trying to defend wireless 5 g . However dangerous it may be .but if, they are using 5 g cable instead of wireless 5 g then children should be safe from any wireless 5 g in school as long as they don;t use cellphones at school.

      • Marcel says:

        Hi Salvatore, I don’t understand this; “as long as they use cellphones”? Is the 5G in the air only when they use cell phones? 5G starts when they start cellphone? How does that work if there is no wireless 5G

      • Wen says:

        High school kids use there phone in classes.

  • Judy Shutes says:

    Thank you so much, Josh! I’m going to send this out to people around here.

    • Ruth says:

      You might want to make sure its getting thru to them. People have informed me that they are not able to forward this info. thru email.

  • Jason says:

    Yep! I’m in Chicago,IL and yesterday afternoon while out for a run, I noticed a truck was installing a brand new camera at the Park District building down the street from me. It was very odd considering most of our city was to be shut down.

  • Norman Azadian says:

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel here. One person sees white vans behind a school, and now he knows 5G is being installed everywhere, and it’s 60GHz, and it will all be installed in a few weeks. He may be right, but the numbers are against him, and the case is far from proven. The pneumonia cases were apparently without benefit of any medical diagnosis.
    I love conspiracy theory as much as anyone, but to go spreading wild conjecture as if it were proven fact is only counterproductive.

    • Bill says:

      Norman what is not factual about a School board member telling you what they have been told is going to take place .
      One thing about the Brainwashed Masses when ever someone tells them what’s really going on the level of proof they need is always way out of bounds . Also the brain washed always try to police the thoughts of others

    • FreeOregon says:

      Roughly 30% of the population is sensitive to WIFI. There’s a correlation between cellphone use next to the head and brain tumors. Every cell in the body vibrates at a unique frequency. The frequencies of 5G are in the same range as the frequencies of your DNA. With 5G we can look forward to more cancers, especially skin cancers, within 10 years. Government obviously is not competent to protect the population, and campaign contributions are institutionalized corruption.

      You’re on you own.

      Don’t question authority. They don’t know either.

    • JLConolly says:

      Mengela (remember him?) said: “The more we do to them, the less likely they are to believe WHAT we’re doing to them.” A lot was learned from the Third Reich and it has continued to this day. “If you’re going to lie, make it big and repeat it often.” (A. Hitler)

      • by Victor says:

        And GHW Bush said when the American people find out what we have done to them, They will chase us down and hang us, Get the ropes out and begin the hanging!!!

    • Kelley Eidem says:

      It’s easy to spot the shills. First there is the lie that Josh is spreading wild conjecture when he asked a question rather than declaring a fact. He asked us to do some legwork to see if this is happening or not.

      Then there is the other tell tale giveaway of claiming “I love ‘conspiracy theory’ as much as anyone, but…” Notice the smear term “conspiracy theory” as well as the claim to be on our side only to cancel it with the lie he then tells.

  • Randy says:

    I can think of a number of agendas that could be fulfilled during this outbreak. The 5G angle is very possible. At least two other things that could come out of this, is; forced vaccinations (they keep saying, they are just waiting for the vaccine), plus, I could easily see them setting up the “Cashless Society”. They’re already telling people not to use cash for their purchases and many stores now will not accept cash!

  • Elaine Sakhaee says:

    My sister has seen them disguised as pest control working outside her children’s school in Barnet London UK last night!

    • Nicola Kingsley says:

      How does she know they are not pest control workers?

      • Elaine Sakhaee says:

        She has been back tonight and two openreach transit vans are there which is telecommunications the lights are on in the ground floor of the school! She has taken photos tonight!
        When you call pest control out they don’t usually advertise it so blantantly on their vans! That’s what drew her attention to it last night!
        Her daughters school was closed from yesterday! We are in lock down from this morning! Is it a coincidence?

  • Rose says:

    Hi Josh
    Thank you
    Here’s something else from this evening

    Horrible times…

  • Bill says:

    I’m amazed that your children are being targeted and their very well being is at stake . You need to be proactive right now every aware Parent needs to be your childs protector and refuse to send your children to school. If they push back that’s what the second amendment is for . If you won’t take a stand for this you never will

    • JLConolly says:

      They have weapons we don’t have, Bill. What’s a firearm compared to a microwave weapon that makes your skin burn and causes internal injury?

  • Malisa Edwards says:

    I live in the metro Detroit area, we saw white vans at a local school. Seems they were installing black conduit in the ground.

  • Kelsey says:

    Our state of WA has mandated that all Elementary schools pro-vide childcare for healthcare workers and first responders, starting next week. But we’ve been out for a whole week already for ” deep cleaning”. Are there any other indicators to look for besides work vans?
    What would equipment look like?

  • Darel Gabriel says:

    Thanks for posting this Josh. I hope this will alert people across the country to keep an eye on their children’s schools. And record them.

  • Elaine says:

    Absolutely happening here in Lansdale, PA. Saw the trucks in several areas in the North Penn School District since the kids gave been off.

  • Joyce says:

    You’re saying we have to do something about this or it’s on our heads.
    Well, what are your suggestions??
    I’ve worked shy of two full time jobs much of my life. Knowing what to do in situations like this are not my forte.
    Thank you,

  • Elaine Sakhaee says:

    There are more vans tonight at the school openreach which is telecommunications and the lights are on in the building have taken photos! Going to let as many parents know as I can!

  • JLConolly says:

    Last summer, I saw unmarked utility trucks installing what I thought were fiber optic channels. Now, they’re running them up power and light poles. They’re orange in color. I looked online and discovered that some 5G does use fiber. I’ve contacted my state reps about this. I live in Dallas, Oregon.

  • Jean says:

    Has anyone checked on wall street stock markets regarding the companies making 5G equipment? I don’t understand stocks at all, so I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that, but it seems like if they’re actually doing it, there would be major changes showing in the stock market.

  • Doreen says:

    COVID-5G-Chemtrail Syndrome

  • Ann says:

    Why would they do the 5G now, why not just wait for the summer when no one is looking?


      The children and teachers are not there so it’s no different really

    • Heather says:

      Because, as a teacher, I can tell you that schools are not empty in the summer. Teachers are there, administration, parents signing kids up for the year, hiring new teachers, students taking summer classes, and child care programs.

  • Robin says:

    Noticed cement poles with boxes at the bottom being installed all along the interstate just before the quarantine began. Now when my phone not on WiFi is says 5G

  • Doreen says:

    The high ‘re-infection’ rates of COVID-19 illustrate the dramatic effects that a 5G environment has on either a carrier or patient. Those who leave the hospital as a cured COVID-19 patient and re-enter their same wireless IT space will invariably suffer a higher rate of re-infection. Some will eventually suffer double or triple re-infections in the same flu season.

  • Jimmy says:

    ATT installed a Temporary mobile tower at Sutter Roseville Medical Center (CA) and a microwave dish will be installed on one of the medical buildings.

  • Aleks says:

    All fences around our high school have been closed for 2-3 days.
    Public park across the street from high school is open to public?!?
    I haven’t seen ( didn’t pay attention) any trucks.

  • Steve Romine says:

    “5G”, or rather fifth generation cell technology, is an outdoor technology. If someone is telling you they are installing “5G” technology indoors they don’t know what they are talking about.
    5G WiFi is not the same as 5G small cell technology 5GHz is just another microwave frequency in the FCC allocated WiFi bandwidth* (802.11 standard). Its health ramifications are not much different than 2.4GHz WiFi. They are both bad. The schools may very well be installing 5GHz WiFi upgrades in the schools while the lockdowns in place, but that would be to replace 2.4GHz, 3.6Ghz or 4.9Ghz with 5Ghz WiFi having basically similar unhealthy impacts on the students.

    5G WiFi does not have the big dramatic societal impact on multiple levels like “5G” fifth generation cell technology enabled IoT will have, and again that will be installed outside the buildings or on top of the buildings. From the discussion in the video the guy is referring to installation going on inside the building, which would then probably be 5G WiFi upgrades happening and probably replacing 2.4G WiFi. Regarding 5G small cell deployments, it’s in addition to existing 4G cell technology, so it will be 4G/5G small cells and it will enable the IoT that will support robots, driverless cars, had no premarket testing and make possible massive survelliance.Thats a lot of impact in many ways. The guy in the video makes no distinction.
    *Note: The range of frequencies for WiFi according to 802.11 standard is :900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz, 5.9 GHz and 60 GHz bands. If by chance those covert installers are installing 60GHz WiFi that would be something worthy to report on as 60 GHz has the unique property of impacting hemoglobin and oxygen processes in the body. Everyone in that case should do a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA or FOIL) and find out which WiFi frequency is being utilized to make WiFi happen and raise objections. s.


      You don’t mention anything about 5 g cable

    • Kelley Eidem says:

      There was a webinar recently put on by 5G industry experts including a PhD. Both speakers spoke at length about the new 5th Generation actually needs to combine High band with medium band and low band. While we have been focused on the high band, more is being added at every level which adds even more to the sickness that has already ensued in Wuhan, Milan, Tehran, Qom and S. Korea.

  • Brianne Gates says:

    They are installing 5G in Fullerton, California. We stopped and spoke to the installers and took video. They were installing directly across from Parks Jr High School on Rosecrans and Parks Rd.

  • V M says:


  • ken says:

    Big brother is always taking control of us during our most weakened time so we meed to support this message to make noise about the lack of suppport we are seeing from our leaders ad politicians. Great work Josh keepit up please.

  • Russ says:

    All the information is well and good, but where is the organization of anyone to put up a show of strength against this wickedness! The government has the control, while NOT LETTING A CRISIS TO GO TO WASTE!

  • Teresa, RN says:

    These measures being taken to limit our freedom and ability to interface with one another, are not based on sound science. They are based on fear, which is why we must question why it is being done. It is very likely that the capitalist, telecom/political complex is working to install 5G while public attention has been diverted to health concerns. Yes, we must act as living witness and record what we find. I’m seeing a shutdown of civic resources in Southern California that is hurting people and animals. Services are being denied out of concern for an infectious issue which lacks study from all angles, including immune response. I also note that we do not know how many might already have had the virus because antibody studies are not being done.There are reports of people who were sick with the same symptoms a few months ago but were never tested.

  • mj booth says:

    I live in a country town in Australia. Last night I did a search on duck duck go for the 5g towers and discovered my town with a population of 40000 has 3! Dont think they are up and running but theyre ready to be turned on.

  • ROLAND says:

    Hear this: There is world wide NO proof of the existence of a virus – ANY virus! This is an evil hoax to gain more control over humanity. 5G is poison to a body and it will try to get rid of it by any means at its disposal. Fever is one way a body can cleanse itself. We the people should rise up and throw the present systems on the junk heap, along with ALL the bums that support this outrage. who needs WHO and FCC!

  • Crystal says:

    God Bless you Josh for being on the front lines, and updating us with this Valuable information!!!

  • Pamela says:

    In my mountainous neighborhood, we have white posts with orange tops. It is from Windstream Communications and they are fiber optic markers about 300 feet away from each other. (my guess) Just recently a white truck from Atlanta was on my private drive and I drove down and confronted him and asked what he was doing. He said he was strengthening the cell tower. (yes, the mountain I live on has a cell tower) I gave him and ear full and told him he is killing HIS family also and to please do his research on 5G and to get off my private road. Since the tower was STRENGTHENED in frequency I use my inhaler twice daily. Extremely dry mouth at night, headaches, short winded, lower back pain. (I have NO wi-fi in my home and I have a smart meter guard over my smart meter and back pain that I have had for 15 years was GONE until they strengthened the tower. My neighbor who is an electrical engineer and works with microwave technology (he lives higher up the mountain and closer to the tower) He built a faraday cage around his bed. I am now convinced that these “markers” are 5G. I believe that they have “pockets” of 5G in place and active. I eat organic and have no microwave in my house. My back felt like a teenagers back UNTIL they strenghtened the tower. I believe they are killing me.

  • gn says:

    Electroporation, look it up. It is a microbiology term that creates a “pore” or artificial opening in the cell membrane via pulsed frequencies so that foreign material can be introduced into the cell; including DNA, bacteria, and in my opinion, a virus. One of the ways that 5g works is by affecting the helical structure of eccrine human sweat ducts, together with the dielectric properties of human skin. This is a hypothesis, but what if this technology opens our skin and/or cell membranes so that the virus can be forced in? This is an out and out attempted genocide of organic life on this planet if we let this go forward. We are the majority. Please share this email and the vids with anyone that you think may listen, esp. parents. Choose love. Talk to other parents, friends, neighbors about this; band together with others to halt this madness. Thank you once again, Josh. Stay strong everyone

  • ibolya says:

    I was thinking about this last night and now i receive this ……

  • George Corvin says:

    As 5G is transmitted to small distances, what happens if one sets up an earthed aerial, facing the 5G one? Should that send the signal where it belongs?

  • Dave Rave says:

    Please?! all of you, do some real research. 5g (even if they’re really installing it) is just faster wifi, like 1g…4g before it. It does not mean biometric systems.
    Biometric systems (like face recognition) require a LOT more equipment than just the 5g boxes, plus is very much in its infancy and has very poor results. Also, why would it be installed at schools…to check kids have been to school, they already have that it’s called a school register.
    Get a grip people.

    • Diane says:

      This has not a Thing to do with “checking if kids have been to school.” This IS a program of Genocide as 1st described years ago in Agenda 21 (see if still online) followed by Agenda 30. Bill Gates is the son of a Eugenicist and one himself. Last fall he bragged that he’d reduced the population in Africa (remember all the vaccines he sent every year?) by 17%! The vaccines all contained ingredients to render the children & adults, infertile, and the man is proud of it. It’s time to wake up; we’re not in Disneyland any more and actually never were; we just believed the hype.

  • Mike says:

    Thank you Josh

  • E. Grogan says:

    I do know that President Trump has a team of scientists who have figured out a HEALTHY way to do 5G and that may well be what this is. OTOH, it might also be a sneaky way to get the bad kind of 5G here, but I’ve watched Trump for 40 yrs – if this is the deep state trying to pull a fast one, Trump will find out and win. That’s what has been happening for the past 3 yrs. anyway.

  • Cynthia says:

    I am not computer literate. My safari is saying I cannot install Telegram on my desktop. What do I do? Also Anyone else here unable to use proton mail? I had created log in a couple months ago and again I cannot access. I do not want to use my gmail any longer.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Sorry for the tech challenges Cynthia. To be honest I’m not sure the answer to either question you have… perhaps try the support of either company, from their homepage.

  • Dawn says:

    Thanks Josh. The videos seem unavailable. Has youtube pulled them down?

  • We absolutely can Take Back Our Power, but it must be accurately done.

    We cannot of ourselves empower ourselves by ourselves against the lies, manipulation, evil, and human shills that, ultimately, are empowered by satan. His power outsmarts, outmanuevers, and outguns us. The exclusive, invincible weapons designed for our use against satan/evil are Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and obedience to God through daily Bible study and prayer (not pew warming alone), where we each can receive explicit, individual, actionable orders for battle.

    We can seek Christ and choose to accept his loving, spiritual paradigm shift that reveals the supernatural realities controlling our world and take up the arms designed for the conflict. Or, we can refuse him to continue in ignorant oblivion or in misdiagnoses and erroneous faith in pea shooters when we desperately need and have him, THE Universal Soldier, available for our defense.

    Forces beyond the physical, as alluded to in Matthew 24:3-8, herd the whole of humanity toward Revelation 13:17. satan’s covert installation of 5G/biometric systems (worldwide?) by duplicitous trucks exploiting the SARS CoV-2/COVID-19 lockdown, “cashless society,” brainwashing, thought policing, “unfortunate accidents,” “conspiracy theory” smears, and installation of “smart” utility meters via complicit humans pushes us there. DO fight wickedness, but be undeceived and fight all in Christ.

  • Jill says:

    Redding, Ca. I work for the local school district in the Tech Dept and Verizon contractors began upgrading the cell tower on our playing field on March 12, five days before school closed.. and they are still there. I have pics but i dont see how to attach?

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Thanks Jill – perhaps you could post your pics to social media (or any site where you can upload pics), then reply with url link(s) to them? Sorry the site commenting currently can’t receive uploads…

  • Layla says:

    The White trucks have been in Downtown Phoenix Az installing to a school tower this past wk.

  • Linda Ferland says:

    The Agenda.

  • They always came out the next day for any other problem but this one.Alys says:

    I called FPL3 weeks ago to have them remove my Digital smart meter and replace it with an analog they said they would do it for $89 plus $13 a month I said fine it has been three weeks! I called again and asked why is it taking so long and they said we have you on the list…They always came out the next day for any other problem but this one.

    • Diane says:

      Tell them a relative living with you has a Pacemaker! They’ll be out in under an hour bc they KNOW their EMFs interfere with Pacemakers! Lawsuits up the kazoo that would wipe out the utilities’ profits permanently.

  • steve says:

    I wanted to watch all these videos, but an error message occurs on every one of them when I try to access them, is this happening to anyone else?

    • Fran says:

      My computer shut down when I was watching. I restarted and it took me a while to get back in. Keep trying.

  • Emily says:
    here is the link to the photo I just posted of a 5G $#&% installed at Venice High School.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Thanks Emily for doing this – though the photo is only viewable by those who are already members of the Topanga group. Perhaps you could upload on your profile or somewhere unrestricted?

  • Elaine says:

    Maybe this was already shared, but the white van video was shot at Jefferson High School in Wisconsin (near Fort Atkinson and Madison, Wisconsin).

  • Liz says:

    Today a white van from Maricopa County OET (Office of Enterprise Technology) was parked here at the clubhouse of my MHP, which is closed to all gatherings, as well as the office. I saw a park maintenance man walking with a black tin can looking device into the clubhouse as well. Van has been here all day.

    • Heather says:

      I just posted below about how there were a lot of road closures in Phoenix near I-10 and 7th St. as well as a falsely advertised road closure on the Loop 202. I’m wondering if they are putting in 5G along these roads that are closed for seemingly no reason. Is your clubhouse located near any of those streets?

  • Lindsey says:

    The state parks in WA have been closed. This is making sense. The “All Seeing Eye” placed everywhere.

  • M Wright says:

    So some internet installers where on our roof the other day. I asked what they were doing and one jokingly said installing government equipment to spy on us. Then they said they were getting things ready for fiber which would be installed in a couple of months.

  • Fran says:

    Josh, is President Trump aware that the department of Education is implementing 5G in schools nationwide?

    • Josh del Sol says:

      It appears to be coming mostly from FCC, though possibly with collusion with Dept of Education. I’m compiling an update and we’ll post another article..

  • LW says:

    In Yucaipa, CA I saw guys in white NAMI vans installing it on the roof at the elementary school, and I also felt out of breath and lightheaded (effects of 5G) near the Spectrum store. Spectrum has new signs in the windows, “5G is here.” The fake virus is a cover for this crime against humanity.

  • Heather says:

    While I was out driving a few hours ago in Phoenix, I noticed a lot of road closure warnings along the highways. Even more strange is that there was a road closure warning displayed on about six signs over a stretch of the Loop 202, but I drove through where they said the closure was and there was no closure. There were also two warnings of upcoming road closures displayed near I-10 and 7th St. There was a different closure listed when you were heading east than when you were heading west. They were both large stretches of a single road. I’m wondering if they are closing the roads to put in 5G along them because I’ve never seen this many road closures. Have you guys heard anything about this? Anyone who can check it out, please do!

  • Karin Ehrlinger says:

    My worst fears have been confirmed by this article …

    I have been wondering what Lombardia (the region in northern Italy most “affected” by Cov-2) and Wuhan may have in common, what factor could influence the “severe forms” of COVID-19 (besides old age +high blood pressure+ heart disease) that is “under the radar”?

    My conclusion: 5G – rolled out in Wuhan on Oct.31st and in many cities in Lombardy since December 2019 …(in addition to the huge roll-out of “Smart City” devices (new frequencies, new antennae-systems (“massive MIMO”, beam-forming, sub-GHz and GHz range)

    In fact, if you compare a map of Northern Italy (displaying the regions with the “fastest” internet-speed and best “coverage” with a map of the worst COVID-19 affected regions (Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna) you see an amazing congruence …

    They should turn off all the antennae and then watch the results ..

  • Josh del Sol says:

    This just in, from Robert F. Kennedy Jr:


    “On Thursday, March 19th, Governor @gavinnewsom announced plans to use the quarantine to expand the deployment of wireless infrastructure in schools. This proposal opens the door for Big Telecom to deploy its deadly 5G infrastructure in all our public schools while we are all distracted by COVID-19.”

    Read RFK’s Instagram post:

  • Christine says:

    Josh – thank you for doing this. As you know, I’m monitoring this activity as well but prepared to kick it up a notch. Last week, we toured a dozen schools in our community (elem-HS) and found no suspicious activity, but we might find more this week – will also expand into more populated area, closer to city center.
    Posting this video on our WIRED SCHOOLS page and will likely be doing another video soon on this topic to share further on social media, Next Door and Patch platforms (think these are in US communities).
    I hope all who posted here who saw activity are calling their schools and local officials, using your suggested scripts (those are great, thanks!).
    While I originally thought this might just be a rumor, it certainly does seem to be playing out with real life confirmation, doesn’t it?
    Again, thanks for all you are and do and for your inspiration in my work on a smaller scale…

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