Sample 5G Action Template

For countries other than USA, Canada and Australia, we don’t yet have an instant campaign set up.

Here is some suggested copy, for customized and sending to officials in your country. You can strengthen this as you feel appropriate:

Dear [official’s name],

I write today to strongly urge you to suspend the roll-out of 5G and choose safe and reliable connections of wired fiber to the premises. The 5G roll-out is a costly venture that needs to be halted for health, safety and privacy reasons. We cannot allow the telecommunications industry to rush to install up to hundreds of thousands of antennas which risk chronic exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation which science indicates is unsafe.

Over 250 scientists have signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, calling for exposure limits that recognize adverse health effects arising from non-thermal exposures. These independent expert scientists have published more than 2000 peer-reviewed papers on electromagnetic frequencies in professional journals; evidencing harm from 5G/RF radiation well below the limits set by our government. Multiple studies have shown increased ill-health effects in populations living near mobile phone base stations, ranging from neurological damage to breast and brain cancers.

As a result, countries and cities around the world, including Switzerland, Brussels, Italy, Greece, UK, Slovenia, Nigeria, New Guinea, have completely halted or postponed the roll out of 5G until its safety has been firmly established.

To be clear, to date there are no independent safety studies demonstrating the safety of prolonged exposure to the microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies; or phased array beamforming intended to be used for 5G in the future.

Thus, with thousands of studies indicating harmful bio-effect(s) from wireless radiation, and since the wireless industry tells us that 5G requires installation of transmitters emitting wireless radiation 24 hours a day in front of every 3-10 homes, causing or facilitating the deployment of 5G is an act of harm and/or negligence.

Leading tech and industry professionals including Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada, have made pragmatic appeals to policy makers regarding the risks of 5G technologies (see: Mr. Clegg is calling for his industry, the telecommunications industry, to be required by policy makers to do full safety testing on 5G and pursue technological options such as fiber optics which mitigate health, privacy and security risks.

The weight of the scientific evidence associating 5G/RF radiation with adverse health effects has prompted thousands of scientists and medical doctors worldwide to call for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G.

I urge you to take immediate, decisive action to halt this project here and seek out safer alternatives that will provide reliable connections.

What specifically can be done?

1. Ensure all have Internet access that is safe, fast, reliable, resilient, secure, affordable.

2. Protect our health and the environment before further roll-out of wireless infrastructure, especially as it relates to 5G.

3. Provide a meaningful, transparent process for municipalities and their citizens to have a decisive say over the installation of cellular network antennas.

4. Join a growing number of governments worldwide and declare a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G.

5. Assemble a task force of independent wireless radiation expert scientists and medical practitioners, with no conflicts of interest to:
(a) Reassess the scientific evidence of biological effects of RF radiation; and
(b) Review and revise the government-stated limits so that they include non-thermal effects and cumulative emissions from all sources of RF radiation.

6. Assemble a task force of independent communications technology experts to investigate options for safer wired telecommunications systems.

With mounting evidence about the harmful effects of 5G, these issues are of the utmost importance and need urgent action. Thank you for your consideration of my views and the immediate necessity to act in the interest of public health and safety for everyone.

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