AT&T’s “off the hook” installs: Email from the Mayor of Nevada City, California

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From the Mayor of Nevada City, California. The tone of her letter shows the extent of the corporate/globalist coup, even at the local level:

AT&T is going off the hook these last couple weeks in our community. We have never seen anything like it. We have also been overwhelmed by PG&E trucks including IES trucks installing “air conditioners” on the top of our local high school roof tops. For air conditioner installations?? They had a Sheriff watch over them the whole entire time.

The next day the IES trucks were back, but in a back parking lot of the high school and with no sheriff. There were 30 of these IES trucks with 15 incoming yesterday morning. 45 trucks??? I had several of my friends check them out and take photos. One of them walked up to the van, and the driver inside had a black hat, black shirt, black gloves, dark eye glasses, talking on a walkie talkie, looking like anything but an air conditioner installer. When asked what he was installing he was surprised and stuttered out, “uh, uh, air conditioners.” For the whoooooole entire high school of 3,000? That’s a lot of air conditioners.

I went up to 4 trucks installing fiber optics to our District Attorney office. The crew was not happy about the questions I was asking and would not tell me or anyone else what it was for, including 5G.

Two cell antennas appeared on a pine tree a few nights ago. At the same time a huge monopine is also going up on the other side of town. None of us have ever seen so much “broadband” activity including hanging more of those thick cables everywhere.

Something has seriously shifted. Seems asking for permission is a thing of the past.

Reinette Senum
Nevada City, California

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