A Critical Examination of the Coronavirus-5G Connection

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The best piece of advice I would like to offer in your efforts to reach neighbors, friends, family, and elected officials: do your research. It’s as simple as that.

Do the homework. Don’t just read the headlines of articles and share them. Don’t let other people (youtubers, facebook commenters, government officials, scientists) do the thinking for you.

I have noticed a trend in the “5G Awareness” community (and the larger truth community as well) where folks will see a piece of information that fits their bias or preconceived notions so they accept the information as truth without doing any research.

Many of us are starting to see the [Hegelian] response to this thing… the WHO recommends ‘aggressive containment measures’… and of course vaccines… that’s what really worries me. It plays into the ‘Event 201‘ propaganda…

Derrick Broze, @17:00 of Corbett Interview

These individuals then proceed to spread the news to anyone else who will listen, and just like that, blogs, articles, and videos filled with misstatements and half-truths quickly go viral.

When it comes to 5G, I have seen too many theories and speculation about the technology, the purpose of the roll out, and specific health effects that lack concrete evidence.

Most recently, the idea that 5G technology largely responsible for causing Coronavirus symptoms has swept through social media circles.

While there are legitimate studies detailing the impacts of EMFs on the immune system and damage to cells, we must make an effort to distinguish between speculating about things that might be true and facts that we can prove.

Yet-unproven areas include a) the specific deployment of 60 GHz frequencies (e.g. in China); and b) the claims that 60 GHz frequencies are causing disruption of oxygen uptake to the extent that it is causing deaths which are officially attributed to Coronavirus.

In the end, the spreading of unproven reports only hurts those of us who are doing our best to reach the masses with factual evidence concerning the dangers of 5G.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is some indication of possible additional harm that is unique to 60 GHz radiation. And especially since agencies have indeed de-regulated frequencies around 60 GHz, the relationship between 60 GHz, oxygen and biology needs to be tested far and wide. The following studies cumulatively indicate a significant potential of harm at at 60GHz:

1) 60-GHz oxygen band: Precise experimental profiles and extended
absorption modeling in a wide temperature range
[2011, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer]
2) Evaluation of the Potential Biological Effects of the 60-GHz Millimeter Waves Upon Human Cells [2009, IEEE]
3) Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties [2001, Shigeaki Hakusui, Harmonix Corporation]

While a fairly balanced, dot-connecting perspective is put forward in this new Coronavirus/5G article on Electricsense, I want to emphasize that we must always look carefully at the facts and not jump to conclusions. Jumping to conclusions in order to strengthen our existing views does not benefit anyone in the long run.

As we stick to the facts and build diverse coalitions, we can educate our neighbors and politicians, and perhaps, we can put an end to the 5G roll out.

Various types of individuals, groups and local governments all have their own reasons why we need to come together and stop 5G. Motives range from health effects, the decimation of local rights (and basically, the rule of law), and the surveillance implications of a global 5G “dragnet”.

Cities’ Push Toward Total Surveillance To “Fight Crime”

I started researching 5G and electromagnetic frequencies in September 2018, shortly after the City of Houston announced a new partnership with Verizon wireless to make Houston “The World’s First 5G City”. I attended a press conference and asked Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner about health and privacy concerns. He told me he hadn’t seen anything to be concerned about.

I also questioned Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon, about these concerns and he echoed the mayor’s statements – there are no serious concerns to worry about.

Since that time I have come to recognize that Houston’s Mayor and many of the Big Wireless officials are choosing to turn a blind eye and in some cases, play an active role in launching a technology fraught with legitimate concerns.

Over the last 2 years I have attended City Council, sent emails, made phone calls, conducted interviews, hosted meetings, ran for Mayor, spoke at the Houston Tower Commission, and released a documentary on this important topic. Still – despite all my efforts – I have yet to make headway in slowing down or halting the ongoing roll out of the 5th Generation of cellular technology.

In fact, the City of Houston is moving very quickly towards the Smart City future:

Just last week, Mayor Turner and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced new plans to partner with Amazon and other tech companies to complete Houston’s transformation into a Smart City running on 5G. The Mayor and Chief are selling the idea to Houstonians on the premise that more technology means more safety and security.

Unfortunately, a blind embrace of these technologies and the lack of any meaningful engagement of local residents means that Houston will very soon lack any trace of privacy.

Earlier this week I attended Houston City Council in an attempt to educate the council about the concerns (see video above). Once again, I was met with silence.

There are many emerging opportunities for various thought leaders and influences to join forces and develop a simple and accessible template to fight 5G on the local level, through the courts, and when necessary, in the streets with marches and rallies.

Despite the corruption and collusion which I have witnessed and exposed, I see many reasons for optimism. The more people align with truth and then get involved with grassroots action, the better chance we’ll have to take back our future.

Watch Derrick’s “The 5G Trojan Horse Documentary” on YouTube.

  • Inge Kindseth says:

    It’s good that you address the 5G and health matter Derrick, but for more credibility basic science mistakes should be avoided: “Proven” is a word which is repeatedly used in a wrong way here.

  • Joseph Tracy says:

    No problem with the studies on 5G problems and its weakening of immune systems.This is a very serious and immediate concern.
    However Jim Corbett is a hard core climate change denier who believes the weather data from NASA and other weather gathering sources has been altered to show climate change. This flies in the face of a vast amount of global data from climate scientists, from ecologists, from marine studies, polar studies and other sources all observing the same basic global reality. In short Corbett lives in a conspiracy theory bubble that is completely divorced from reality and cannot be trusted as a source of information.

    • Carey says:

      Have you investigated geoengineering? Do you believe planes dispersing chemicals all through the sky weekly have no effect on the climate?

      Do you believe the scientists have our best interests at heart? Or do you believe the government has our best interests at heart? How do lobbyists play into your view? Can people be bought to further the interests of mega corporations despite evidence to the contrary or lack of any real evidence?

    • Jim M says:

      Mike Morales uses the NASA satellite images and other satellite feeds to show the evidence of geoengineering, which is ubiquitous. You can’t miss it. I’m wondering where Corbett is going with his supposed hard core climate change denial. Is he mentioning the climate modification / geoengineering at all?
      It is the elephant in the sky.

  • Johnny says:

    Best to stick to the topic at hand and not bring up unrelated issues such as climate change, vaccines, chemtrails, etc. Regardless of whether these other issues are fact or not, it distracts from this important topic and encourages those in the media, government officials, scientific circles, and telecom to label this info full of conspiracy theorists and wackos and isn’t to be trusted.

    • Jaguar says:

      The issues you mention are not unrelated. When you do enough research and comprehend the big picture one finds they are all, exquisitely connected. The question is, regardless of whether it is geoengineering, live virus shedding in vaccines, gmos, fracking ad nauseum, what is the solution? The puppeteers are experts in disinformation and mass manipulation via fear. They sow confusion and conflict through their private and state owned entities. One difference between Wuhan and Houston for example is the extra environmental burden of toxic smog. So, after informed awareness on our part, will effective solutions become clear? Or is it that the solutions are glaring us in the face but we are unwilling to take them – yet.

  • Ann says:

    Thank you for all the information and we’ll consider learning as much as possible because of it…..

  • As the publisher of top secret history for 11 years in which I continued to post on one of my two blogs thereafter, I sincerely feel that this article from State of the Union diagnosed the problem of 5G and the coronavirus extremely well. See
    Arlene Johnson

  • Antoinette says:

    Dear Derrick Broze,
    The featured video is from The Corbett Report.
    Jim Corbett is a climate change denier.
    So, in fact the climate change Trojan Horse is featuring the 5G Trojan Horse. Brilliant move!

    • Jim M says:

      In what way is Corbett a climate change denier? What’s going on with the geoengineering around the world? Have you seen geoengineeringwatch(dot)org? Dane Wigington hosts that and isn’t a climate change denier, but says the geoengineering is worse than anything on the climate. How can we measure the climate change models without admitting there is geoengineering going on that is wreaking havoc on the climate around the world.

      • Antoinette says:

        I have forwarded your message to the one who has obviously misinformed me after I had posted the video. I trust the person who sent me the comment on Corbett and have no reasons to doubt now. I will ask the person next time for sources. If it is true what you say then I apologize.

      • Antoinette says:

        In the meantime there is more info about The Corbett Report: please read: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-corbett-report/
        Factual Reporting: LOW
        Country: Japan
        World Press Freedom Rank: Japan 67/180


        Founded in 2007 by James Corbett, The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. According to their about page “The Corbett Report is edited, webmastered, written, produced and hosted by James Corbett. James Corbett has been living and working in Japan since 2004.” They further state “It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.”

        Funded by / Ownership

        The Corbett report is owned by James Corbett and funding is derived through subscription fees and DVD sales.

        Analysis / Bias

        In review, the Corbett Report publishes Youtube videos, podcasts and articles from a right wing conspiracy perspective. The website touches on many different conspiracies and pseudoscience propaganda. Below is a short list of topics.

        9/11 Whistleblowers (Full Documentary) (promotes alternative theories about 9/11)
        How To Engineer A Crisis (False Flag Operations)
        Chemtrails Exposed: The past, present and future of the New Manhattan Project (Chemtrail conspiracies and pseudoscience)
        Never Forget: What the Deep State Wants You to Remember About 9/11 (Deep State)
        The IPCC Prepares to Release More Hot Air (Human Influenced Climate Change Denial)
        Interview 1370 – James Corbett on the New World Order (New World Order)

        Politically, the Corbett Report aligns with the right through the promotion of human influenced climate change denialism and Socialism fear promotion. They also do not have a favorable view of President Donald Trump.

        Overall, we rate the Corbett Report a Tin Foil Hat conspiracy and Moderate pseudoscience website, based on the promotion of 9/11 conspiracies, False Flags, Chemtrails and Deep State conspiracies. (D. Van Zandt 2/4/2017) Updated (10/5/2019)

        Source: https://www.corbettreport.com

        • Antoinette says:

          Note : In this Report on The Corbett Report are issues that I consider as strange as well: Trump is a climate change denier and here in this Report on The Corbett Report they say: “The Corbett Report also does not have a favorable view of President Trump.”
          That is an alarming statement: Corbett is according to the report a climate change denier, but we all know that Trump is also a climate change denier. So: the one is allowed to be so, the other one is not.
          That makes the https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-corbett-report/ bias.
          I seriously wonder if mediabiasfactcheck is funded by Trump supporters.
          I am not a Trump supporter.
          So: to all who read this: take all I wrote as info, and make your own choice in what is bias or not. Fact check also with your own common sense, all what is written even on fact check websites.
          Inmy opinion and according to my common sense the fact check website is just parroting somebody who has an opinion, without adding any reliable source. I have learned my lessons. I made a lot of mistakes in this fact checking so nice sounding but misleading total of words.


          • Antoinette says:

            In addition: Trump is pro 5G, talks even about 6G and 7G, boosts the climate change, is bringing all of us to the edge of the abyss. The person who sent me the message about Corbett has got my utterly sharp criticism back, plus my view on this person’s idol. How blind people can be.

          • Jim M says:

            Good job Antoinette! It is hard to discern what information is valid and intellectually honest. I find the condemnation of the term, “chemtrails” to be a psyop to condemn those, who might know enough to question the geoengineering. fyi: “CHEMTRAILS” was the title of one of the U.S. Air Force Academys’ 1990 training manual on chemtrails.Meteorologists have been gagged by a federal gag order on the subject. I wish Trump would do something about it. He has backed away from the 5G topic though – must’ve heard from us. The other thing about “climate change denier” also seems to be a way of isolating people, who question the “official narrative.”
            On that, check out Jordan Peterson’s explanation/opinion on climate change:

      • Umair Dar says:

        Climate change is not primarily caused by geoengineering – it is caused by the changing dynamics of the Sun which is proven by the fact that other planets in our solar system are ALSO experiencing climate change (the big red spot on Jupiter has been changing for eg). The better question to ask is what is changing the behaviour of the Sun? And why are we reading huge amounts of cosmic radiation coming in from space and heating up our ionosphere and core, when the Sun is in a period of low sun spot activity? All the agendas at play are to hide the reality of planetx/nibiru and the coming pole shift. The elite’s bunkers are not for nuclear war or the coronavirus – they are for the pole shift.

        • Jim M says:

          I don’t disagree with you about the Sun changing the climate on Earth and other planets. I just think there must be informed consent to the public on the chemical spraying, stratospheric aerosols and electromagnetic manipulation of our weather. There’s a big market in weather derivatives and catastrophic insurance. They are steering the atmospheric rivers, heating the ionosphere and spraying the skies excessively everywhere. People are being affected by this activity without being told and after denying it – now the weather service is starting to change their story and say we need stratospheric aerosol injection for solar radiation management. That means they are changing their story. They are lying.

  • Pamela says:

    This was a wonderful interview James, and Derrik. So happy to have it cross my path today.

    My feeling are this is definitely A Trojan horse for an agenda unfolding, and its not in humanity’s favor.

    I don’t give apologies for not knowing enough, because we really can’t wait to know enough before time is out.

    We can make up our minds. Basically, following our hearts and not waiting for knowledge sometimes, and stop following the carrots, the postings that are a waste of time, as you said James and agree! The “Wag the Dog” narratives by the media, or agent provocateurs, keeping the public in constant confusion. And we will know which ones they are. Just delete and stay on track of exposure.

    Just think about it? The elite moguls, from every area of life, All Media, Marketing Companies, the Food, Dairy, Meat, & Beverage Industries, (Nestle, Kellogg, Cargill, Coca Cola etc), Bankers, Water Market (Nestle, Danone etc), Telecommunications, AT&T Verizon et all. Everything that humans need to live, food water, resources, and shelter, is under control at the top, and they meet at least once a year, to decide how to play the script out, that they’ve all decided upon. It’s a military operation, very planned out and under way. High technology being used for EVIL intent.

    Those who LOVE PEACE must organize as effectively as those who love war.

    They are all in cahoots at the top. When it might look like they are against each other on the surface? They are not. It is part of the plan. Period. It’s so clear.

    And I feel with Walmarts having underground cities really, bore tunneling going on connecting all over this country, FACT just don’t have them handy here. The privatization of police forces, and military etc … Something to look at seriously on the surface and call a spade a spade.

    No way is the lockdown using police forces to quarantine people as if it works. uh uh. More organized media among a manufactured problem. This is the Totalitarian tiptoe. Desensiting people to seeing military on the streets, and thinking they are being protected. uh uh. And what they might think are their saviors. Not. We must sound the alarms before it becomes ‘check mate’. Gotcha.

    I see what we are living in as “The Digital Holocaust.” Technology is so advanced. This is why they want to move everyone into the pen, the cage, the cities, like moving cattle really. So one zap and they all drop? Or they can be rounded up easier in the city, and instead of being put on a train to be gassed, they …. well, who knows what they will do with the populace. Some will be used as labor, is a high probability, and the rest? I don’t want to know.

    If we look at these issues on the surface of Earth logically? Surely, those on the inside, close to the ones pushing the buttons, will see what we see, and turn their cadence from Yes Sir, to No Sir. I sure hope we are not alone in this, and surely, Good on this host Planet Earth, must overcome Evil. Like Evil is the virus and we must become the immune system. Cleaning house inside out. Cancer no more and be gone for the good of the whole. ❣️

    ? Tis’ tough, but we must make more decisive moves.

  • Reinhard says:

    Connect the dots:
    Virusses are concentrating positive polarisations and 5G is creating extremely cellular depolarisation. So this is perfect mariage to make the virus more violant. Why Wuhan? Very easy: where the virus comes out first and get on very dense population surface we have most spreading out of the corona virus. As I measure humans and radiations too, I see clearly this connection… Add heavy metal multiplying the radiation and you have perfect “Bermuda-triangle”

  • Melissa says:

    I’m EMF sensitive. I developed an unexplained chronic cough at the beginning of 2018. I noticed that I felt a sudden warming up whenever I toughed my cell phone, specifically when I swiped the screen. I would take body temperature; I never had a temp. So, yes, there are heating effects with 5G. I told my doctor about my sensitivity to EMFs and was prescribed an anti-anxiety AND an anti-depressant. (I had a feeling that my doctor would respond in this way). I got rid of my cellphone last summer, which was extremely difficult to do, despite my knowing that it was making me sick. I think certain people are being targeted, using a combination of 5G and the person’s cellphone. Is it not possible to turn up the ‘juice’ (making it a military-grade weapon such as that used for crowd control?) And if you have a receiver, which can generate its own frequency on top of the one being received, being held up to your ear or even on your person…you see? I don’t know why certain people are being targeted and not others. Maybe social credits, maybe activity in certain groups, maybe just talking on the phone in the wrong place at the wrong time. Weren’t we all afraid that something like this could happen? The corporations want every citizen in America to have a cellphone, and there’s always GRANPAD for those senior citizens who do not want a cellphone yet want to stay in touch with their loved ones. 5G was rolled out with the assurance from the FCC that there was no danger to human health. Somehow they managed to overlook the extensive data dating back to the 1930’s that outline the implications to all biological life. It was the RADAR experiments that determined that 3% of the general population would be hypersensitive to EMFs. I am one of the 3%, collateral damage. Get rid of your cellphone. Or, turn it off and wrap it in aluminum foil or some other Faraday-cage type container. Use a computer with a separate keyboard (read: not a toushscreen keyboard) for all emails. I may be totally wrong about this, but I really don’t think so. Err on the side of caution, always. Keep yourself safe.

    • Brian Hurst says:

      Well said, Melissa. My hand also tingles when I use my cell phone and I find it difficult to sleep. I am close to the Palm Springs airport and I think all the wireless activity has a lot to do with my restless nights. I have hard-wired my laptop, have a plugged in keyboard, put my phone on airplane mode at night and keep it out of the bedroom. I also turn off the modem as soon as I have finished with my session online. I do understand how you feel as I have similar experiences.

  • Amen, Derrick, i am very impressed, first of all your character and the careful and through research, that you have put into all of your subjects and the fact, that you admit, you don’t know it all, says everything to me, about getting the truth out there. I am very proud of you, and keep the good work up, because people need to hear the real truth, and not base their opinion along. Best Regards, Herbie!

  • Mark says:

    What crap. Where were the victims onboard ships and at the nursing home in Washington state getting their 5G exposure? Is Milan, Italy a hotbed of 5G? And Iran? You make yourselves sound like morons.

  • john says:

    people need to start publicly challenging local authorities to publicly be observed in a 5g environment for a whole week. to put our minds at rest 🙂

  • Dave says:

    Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is KNOWN to disrupt the healthy function (homeostasis) of all living organisms. 3G, 4G, and certainly 5G.
    It is also known that a living organism under stress is more susceptible to attacks from other outside health attacking agents. Therefore……I would argue that 5G, fluoride, GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, ETC. (ALL agents that attack healthy bodies) are ALL contributing factors to those who succumb to the corona virus or any other health destroying system. It’s not a hypothesis or speculation.

    To both of you: GREAT INTERVIEW. People like Alex Jones should see this just to learn how an interviewer should treat a guest. Derrick has done some great work over the years (as has certainly James). Thank both of your for your contributions to truth & to man kind.

    Could you guys and any others you could communicate with in Alt. Media please concentrate more or the Julian Assange thing. What they are doing to that man is OUTRAGEOUS, &……is intended as a reminder to other journalists that you don’t tell certain stories…….on certain people………..ESPECIALLY SHINING LIGHT ON THE CRIMINALITY AND MASSIVE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY OF THE PRIMARY PUPPET FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE NWO………THE UNITED STATES GOV’T.
    Thank you.

  • notanormie says:

    bruh im not a normie

  • George says:

    Also note who is being quarantined. If I recall correctly, around 90% crew members, 10% passengers. Crew have near continuous exposure to the ship and it’s technology, and less exposure to the populations where they dock. These ratios would seem to indicate to an exposure onboard source rather than on shore. Not definitive evidence, but statistically significant.

  • Warren says:

    WA was the first state to get coronavirus, and now OR has some cases too. But WA and OR do not have any 5G.

    • Natalia says:

      Oh yeah Washington does! Kirkland where mortality was 60% from Coronavirus was one of the first to have 5g especially the hospital where these people died.

  • E says:

    It’s possible that the connection is simply that wi-fi in increasing intensities might cause pathogenic micro-organisms to strengthen, while weakening the human immune system. Certainly that connection should be looked at in a precautionary way ~ knowing what is factually known about these toxic-load (invisible) energies, and their synergistic capacities ~ it would not be a bad idea to just reduce our exposures, period.

  • Denise says:

    Thanks so much for this excellent step back from the 5G / Coronavirus ledge. I had a few days of pure panic last week after seeing Dana Ashlie’s video about it. After I started coming out of it though, I realized that she had asserted that 60 Gz was used in 5G antennas in China. So I looked it up, and no, it is not, at least according to Huawei’s public policy paper about it. I could not find any sources anywhere claiming that 60 Gz was used in China. So the whole crux of her argument that oxygen deprivation symptoms from 60 Gz 5G has no evidence at all. (I still do believe personally that high EMF levels of ANY frequency do weaken your immune system, however.)

    On a side note, I recently got a good lesson in ALWAYS going to primary sources when you hear things on YouTube. There’s a video floating around and being extensively quoted and referenced, in which a guy talks about a 2010 report from the Rockefeller Institute and how they are scheming to create an authoritarian world regime. He quotes from one section of the report which envisions a pandemic and the possible political fall-out…framing it as the Rockefeller Institute cheering for that outcome. I was dismayed to hear this.

    On a whim I checked for the actual report, which was easy to download from their website. Turns out, unlike the way it had been presented by the YouTuber, the piece he read was only one section. Their were three other scenarios they envisioned, that were much more positive. And if you looked at the surrounding context, it was clear that their purpose for envisioning these scenarios was to consider what should be the role of philanthropy in these different possible futures. Hardly the evil empire scheme it was presented as. I felt a bit embarrassed that I had been so easily fooled, until I checked the source.

    I think that we all have to be very, very careful not to get caught up in unsubstantiated reports that create high levels of fear. It’s easy to verify with energy medicine techniques that negative emotions like anger and fear (let alone terror!) have direct effects that weaken our bodies. We have to stay strong right now, on every level. Researching and reaching for the truth of what is happening will inevitably bring up some negative emotions because things are seriously messed up and headed in some very bad directions.

    For myself, I’m doing my best to not only to let the negative emotions pass through, but also to bring in some kind of positive, joyful experience every single day. Our lives may depend on emotional transmutation.

  • MARY EIDE says:

    Secrets and lies and more lies, when are people going to wake up to the facts in front of their face and see how harmful all of this wireless cell phone stuff is. And the Haarps and Chemtrailing is. With all the cell phones everywhere can not people see all the emf that is going threw their bodies 24-7. And yet all I hear is do this or take this and you can still use your cell phone, really !!!! There is no living with cell phones, as for the Haarps and the chemtrailing, I have no ideal how to stop this destroying of are lovely planet earth, it is beyond sad. Mary

  • RicknRedmond says:

    Well said Derrick Broze. I wish everyone would follow your admonition to check facts and sources before repeating stuff they believe and want others to believe as well, whether or not it can be verified. Also, your credibility stands up since you write in complete sentences with basic rules of grammar being observed. So much of what is written online, and many of these comments are good examples, is pitifully poor writing which demolishes the writer’s credibility.

  • Drew says:

    In editor’s note section, the studies do not show evidence of biological harm, in fact they confirm the opposite. You are correct that believing every conspiracy theory is detrimental neither is stating that fact and then include references that conclude the opposite of what is claimed.

  • Marie says:

    I also wonder if all the EMF is causing global warming!

  • Marie says:

    I wonder if EMFs are also causing global warming

  • Veronica says:

    This is great, but why would you even trust when they report cases or non cases. There could be cases happening in key places that support the theory, but they strategically report what serves the narrative, or the confused narrative we are all discussing. I’m open, but not yet unconvinced of the possibility of using the virus as a cover up for the effects of 5g. I’m surprised that you believe the reports that you are quoting. None of us have it figured out, but I’m surprised that you’re pretty much trying to convince us that there is no connection.

  • Kelley Eidem says:

    Is the wrong yardstick being used to determine the connections between 5G and viral infections?

    Death and infection rates in locales – especially when relying on extraordinarily suspect “garbage in garbage out” numbers and percentages – leads to the garbage dump.

    Fortunately confirmed science based on immutable physical laws already tell us the real dangers. Viruses use their negative charge to penetrate our cells. But our interior membrane potential is also negatively charged. So the two negatively charged particles repel each other.

    Without penetration, there is no infection possible.

    The physical laws of attraction have not been repealed for the coronavirus.

    5G is known to lower immunity. Thus 5G is responsible for the rates and longevity of the infections>

    But many are dying without flu symptoms because 5G sickens and kills in many ways. Just because someone without a fever collapses and twitches like an insect, that doesn’t mean they got the flu.

    It means they are victims of an electrical cascade.

  • Gwen says:

    I’m noticing a flu-related symptom in animals as well specifically dogs who have been microchipped. Of course the fear in the dog world is parvo. So it false test positive for parvo but is not because the animals recover almost immediately. Once they are rehydrated. Had three puppies in a pen. One comes down with what they’re diagnosing as parvo. The other two puppies are not vaccinated and they do not have microchips. They remain healthy and don’t come down with the disease even though they are younger and smaller than the one who did. All three were in quarantine and not exposed to anything differently. . Why the dog with the microchip??

  • segaram keeran says:

    I am other side of Atlantic but I think the future is bleak when you come to think of 5G. Ordinary people have no chance in hell winning a battle against corrupt politicians and powerful companies especially when Trump has awarded billions of dollars worth of contact to Elon Musk to put 5g satellites in the space.

  • >