Empowering Municipalities to Meet the 5G “Land Grab” Challenge

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[Disclaimer: For informational and educational purposes; personal opinion of the author; not to be construed as legal advice.]


Many municipalities are capitulating in negotiations with wireless companies when they are threatened or sued for wishing to protect their citizens from the harms of 5G EMF irradiation. Mayors and city councils across this country are convinced they do not have a right to say “no” to the dense cell towers and antennas being erected in public rights-of-way.

What if in fact they have viable options? How can municipalities in the U.S. negotiate more effectively and level the playing field, taking optimal advantage of federal and state law?

A favored tactic now being deployed by the FCC and industry promoters of 5G is to attack the Mind by establishing false and invalid Assumptions. This tactic engenders fear, desperation, despair, resignation, and, most tragically, loss of hope. It is designed to squander municipalities’ time and preciously scarce funds, and sap vital and creative energy. The antidote for mayors, city councils, and citizens is to cultivate integrity and resilience, and bring the power, wisdom, and intelligence of Heart and Mind effectively together (“Big Heart Intelligence”).

The negotiation turns on three controlling assumptions.

  1. The wireless industry and the FCC have a monopoly of legal authority, based on the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and reinforced by some state legislatures.
  2. The current wireless environment (3G-4G), as well as the emergent 5G, is safe.
  3. Mayors and council members are free from their own legal liability for acceding to the demands of the wireless companies and the FCC.

In fact, all three assumptions are highly questionable.

Assumption #1:

There is a reasonable chance that the authorizing provisions of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, and the overreaching FCC rules implementing them, will be held unconstitutional, in violation of home rule, separation of powers, due process, and uncompensated taking, under the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court has already recognized the principle of “cooperative federalism,” which will counterbalance the FCC’s aggressive use of the preemption doctrine.[i] The California Supreme Court in T-Mobile v. City and County of San Francisco has also confirmed the fundamental right of local municipalities to protect the health and safety of their citizens.[ii] On August 9, 2019 the D.C. Circuit ruled that the FCC 5G Program must conform with the basic provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).[iii] And there are various federal laws protecting the public from false and misleading advertising, such as touting the benefits of 5G without warning of its attendant harms.

Assumption #2:

There is significant scientific evidence that EMFs associated with 3G and 4G wireless technologies are closely linked with cancer, damage to mitochondria and DNA, neurodegenerative illnesses, and cardiac disease, with significant data also on hazards to children, pregnant women, elderly persons, and people with special sensitivities and disabilities. In 2018, a National Toxicology Report on Cancer recognized that EMFs are the cause of malignant schwannomas in rats.[iv] Less well appreciated is the fact that 5G implementation is a form of government and industry enforced national addiction to faster and faster internet speeds that may encourage opioid addiction, mental disease, and violence–all associated with sympathetic overdrive of the autonomic nervous system for large segments of the population.

Assumption # 3:

Australian barrister, Raymond Broomhall, has implemented a powerful protocol based on the Precautionary Principle with great success. [Approximately 2,500 4G/5G cell sites have been halted in Australia. -Ed.] I believe this same protocol has a good chance of being adopted and applied in the U.S., if similarly effective alliances can be forged between citizens, attending physicians, and attorneys, as is currently happening in Australia. Under Barrister Broomhall’s Precautionary Rule– which I am calling the “Principle of Heightened Vigilance”[v]–and basic tort principles of foreseeability and duty of care, I predict that mayors and city councils in the U.S. may face civil, and even criminal, liabilities for assault and related illegal activity. Mr. Broomhall’s protocol is elegantly straightforward:

a) Document, organize, measure, collate, and publish all data on EMF exposures and harms.

b) Secure an Advisory Letter from an attending physician confirming the patient’s own concerns and wishes not to be irradiated from a medical perspective (establishing a physician-patient confidentiality relationship).

c) Present a well-reasoned and documented Letter of Objection and Warning from a licensed attorney, creating a record that the patient refuses to consent to be irradiated, deeming a dismissal or ignoring of such Objection/Warning to be confirmation of an intent to assault. Similar to Australian law, the California Penal Code explicitly imposes strict criminal liabilities on those who assault children, elderly citizens, and people with special disabilities. As 5G towers are planned on public spaces, municipal authorities and those immediately responsible will be become primary actors, enablers, and accessories of the foreseeable harms alleged.

Practical Actions

Mayors and city council members should ask, “How can I protect the citizens of my community?” What do I really want? If the answer is to say ‘No’ to the 5G rollout, then the following actions should be considered under the Principle of Heightened Vigilance outlined above:

  • Immediately launch a massive 5G public education program. (See Sample Kit soon to be downloadable from the 5G Summit web site.)
  • Initiate monitoring of EMF irradiation, and equip citizens and local organizations with proper EMF monitoring devices.
  • Instruct hospitals and health care providers to monitor, assess, and report on adverse health and environmental effects of 5G installations.
  • Issue abatement orders recognizing uncontrolled EMFs above a safe irradiation standard as a public nuisance.
  • Establish advisory guidelines based on this standard for school classrooms, hospitals, and workplaces.
  • Document evidence of assaults and other illegal acts and collaborate with local prosecutors and state legislators.
  • Hold town meetings where all stakeholders, including representatives of the wireless industry, are welcomed to present their case and openly debate the options.
  • Call for a Referendum and invite the community to vote on whether it wants 5G; and if so, under what terms and conditions.
  • Collaborate with thousands of other communities across the U.S. and abroad that are sharing data, scientific, technological, and legal expertise, and other assets, including financial resources.

A Viable Alternative

There is a viable and safer alternative to a ubiquitous wireless juggernaut. It is a predominantly wired/fiber optic infrastructure, which was nationally funded over a decade ago. A wired internet has significant advantages over wireless, in that it is more reliable, more secure from hacking, more energy efficient, faster, and essentially radiation-free. It has been shown that communities implementing a wired/fiber alternative not only realize a positive return on investment, but will also have a strategic economic advantage over wireless.[vi] “SafeG” communities will attract superior companies that are concerned with the health of their employees and the environment, and such companies will create local jobs and catalyze innovation. Of course, wireless can play an important role in these communities as well, because the public demands mobile devices. But at least the implementation of the wireless option can proceed with care, balance, and compassion and with the health and wellbeing of local communities as a top priority.


The author expresses his appreciation to his colleagues, Ben Levi, Trevor Marshall, Ph.D., William Moulton, Raymond Broomhall and Josh del Sol for their comments and background research.


[i] The United States Supreme Court described the way that Congress intended the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to operate: “Congress ultimately rejected the national approach and substituted a system based on cooperative federalism… State and local authorities would remain free to make siting decisions. They would do so, however, subject to minimum federal standards—both substantive and procedural–as well as federal judicial review.” (US Supreme Court 544 U.S. 113 (2005), 03-1601, City of Rancho Palos Verdes v. Abrams. See also TCA 332(c)7, and TCA section 255).

[ii] On April 4, 2019 the California Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in T-Mobile v. City and County of San Francisco upholding the San Francisco ordinance requiring telecommunications companies to get permits before placing antennas on city infrastructure. Note in particular that the Court affirmed that “inherent local police power includes broad authority to determine, for purposes of the public health, safety, and welfare, the appropriate uses of land within a local jurisdiction’s borders” (pg. 5) and “…lines or equipment might generate noise, cause negative health consequences, or create safety concerns. All these impacts could disturb public road use, or disturb its quiet enjoyment” (pg. 9).

[iii] https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/4647052/united-keetoowah-band-of-chero-v-fcc/

[iv] See https://www.emfscientist.org/index.php/science-policy/emf-science-and-related-policy-developments for more studies of EMF effects.

[v] A leading Japanese precedent applicable to Civil Code jurisdictions is the decision of the Yokkaiichi Court that recognized the individual liabilities of six petrochemical facilities for the bronchial illnesses of residents of the Yokkaiichi Village in Japan. The Court ruled that the burden of proof shifted when plaintiffs were able to show the: a) origin of the toxic substance, here NOx, Sox; b) the pathway of transmission; and c) the point of entry (lungs and skin), supported by clinical, experimental, and epidemiological evidence. See Julian Gresser, Koiichiro Fujikura, Akio Morishima, Environmental Law in Japan (MIT Press 1981). A seminal California court decision on multiple sources of pollution is Sommers v. Tice.

[vi] See for example https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180126005137/en/Wireless-Networks-Fast-Secure-Reliable-Energy-Efficient-Wired

© Copyright September 2019 Julian Gresser/Big Heart Technologies. All Rights Reserved

  • Shar says:

    White spaces in every community are needed if public insists on wireless devices in this “safe-g” projection. Individuals experiencing pain and impairment must be able to live, work and go to school with equality. It is a basic human rights issue.

  • Dawn says:

    Good article, however, targeted at the US. I live in Canada and never received a response from my officials after sending the letter. I would forward this, but it is unlikely to get a response since it is oriented towards the US.
    Thanks for posting.

    • E. Lyman says:

      I am in Canada also, and did get the standard reply about our great SC6. I asked an expert on wireless, retired Capt. Jerry Flynn to answer Ms. Hart (govt official), which he did as follows:

      September 9, 2019
      Susan Hart
      Director General
      Spectrum Management Operations Branch
      Spectrum and Telecommunications Sector
      Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
      Dear Ms. Hart,
      Your reply to Ms. Eva … concerning Safety Code 6 and 5G technology has been forwarded to me for comment (my BIO is attached).
      From your reply to …, one has to conclude that you know little about the hazards of pulsed NON-thermal EMFs and that you don’t realize that Safety Code 6 protects industrial and commercial development – not Canada’s people! Here are some facts which apply equally to you and to members of your own family, just as they do to all people living in Canada:  
          1. today’s consumer wireless RF products, gadgets and devices (even baby monitors), and electric utility smart meters all emit pulsed NON-thermal EMFs!
      2. pulsed modulation is more hazardous to the human body than is continuous wave (CW) – the latter of which is the kind emitted by microwave ovens!
      3. The pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of any pulsed RF EMF, regardless of the carrier frequency, can cause serious damage to the human brain if the PRF conflicts with a nearby human’s brainwave frequencies (typically up to 40 Hz, but they can be higher). https://www.curejoy.com/content/different-types-brain-waves/
      4. EMFs are known to CAUSE (albeit not exclusively) autism, ADHD, memory and behavioural problems, leukemia, brain tumors and brain cancers, breast cancers, thyroid cancers, pancreatic cancers, testicular cancers, infertility, etc., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, suicides, depression, miscarriages, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), ALS (lou Gehrig’s Disease), asthma, tinnitus, cardiac problems, etc. https://www.emfanalysis.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Powell-Bioinitiative-Report-Smart-Meters.pdf
      5. The US Military knew in 1994 that the most dangerous frequencies to humans are those within the range 1 GHz to 5 GHz, because these frequencies penetrate all organ systems of the human body and therefore put all organs at risk. http://www.wernercairns.com/2015/05/why-do-we-have-so-much-illness-in-our.html
      6. The Peoples Republic of China’s Huawei is rolling out its ‘5G’ network technology primarily using Sub6GHz frequencies (specifically 3300-4200 MHz and 4400-5000 MHz) – which are within the most dangerous band of frequencies known to humans! How can ISEDC / the Government of Canada condone / allow this? https://www-file.huawei.com/-/media/CORPORATE/PDF/public-policy/public_policy_position_5g_spectrum.pdf?la=en
      7. In Canada, ISEDC has not yet said NO to Rogers and Telus, both of which are anxious to roll-out their Huawei-based 5G wireless networks. Again, how can ISEDC / the Government of Canada allow this to happen?
      8. Safety Code 6 fails to admit that there are hazardous NON-thermal effects to RF. By doing so, it gives industry the green light to explore and exploit this vast new – never tested for safety to people – but  which has already proven to be a trillion-to-multi-trillion dollar market!
      9. Safety Code 6 fails to address the cumulative / aggregate amount of pulsed radiation people are chronically exposed to in their environments from all of their neighbors’ multiple wireless devices all of which are simultaneously emitting pulsed NON-thermal EMFs on various radio / microwave frequencies.  
      10. Health Canada puts the onus on the PUBLIC to prove that RF EMFs are NOT SAFE, instead of making INDUSTRY prove that their products ARE safe
      11. Since 1979, when Health & Welfare Canada’s Dr. Michael Repacholi introduced Canada’s first Safety Code 6, its ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for RF EMFs looked suspiciously similar to those established in 1953 for the US Navy (by former Nazi scientist, Dr. Herman P. Schwan), which were based strictly on the heating (thermal) effects. Safety Code 6 even had the same outrageously–high ‘safe’ Exposure Limit 10 mW/cm² (or 10,000,000 uW/m2), which enabled the US Navy to continue operating its long range radars at full power.
      12. Although Health Canada never mentions it, their own former head EMF scientist, Dr. Michael Repacholi, also orchestrated things (while he was employed at the WHO) such that ICNIRP and the WHO both also had  ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for RF that were very similar to those of the US Navy – and both agencies reflected it’s thermal effects ONLY dogma!  
      13. Although not covered by Safety Code 6, it needs to be noted that the same notoriously corrupt Dr. Michael Repacholi also orchestrated – with the help of eight (8) industry representatives he had invited to assist him – ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for Power Line frequencies (50 Hz/60 Hz) for the world – except for the USA.  https://microwavenews.com/CT.html

      Ms. Hart, contrary to your assertion that Safety Code 6 has a ‘safety margin of some 50 times, the highly respected BioInitiative 2012 Report said that, in effect, Safety Code 6 needed to be lowered or reduced some 3-6 million times! https://www.emfacts.com/2017/11/bioinitiative-report-medical-concerns-intensify-over-deadly-brain-tumors-from-cell-phone-use/

      Safety Code 6 fails to recognize the condition known as Electro-hypersensitivity or EHS, first identified in 1932 by German scientists who then called it microwave sickness. The most celebrated person to acknowledge that she suffers from EHS is Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, MD, MPH, formerly the Director General of the WHO and, before that, three time Prime Minister of Norway. It is conservatively estimated that at least 3-5% of the world’s total population suffer moderately from EHS.  

      Safety Code 6 does not even mention Power Line EMFs, yet Health Canada publicly endorses ICNIRP’s outrageously-high ‘safe’ ambient level of magnetic field of 2,000 mG (which their own former Dr. Michael Repacholi) set for the Public (10,000 mG for Workers); even though non-industry scientists say that a safe ambient magnetic field level in a home, school, etc. should not exceed one mG (<1 mG). https://bioinitiative.org/updated-research-summaries/  http://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/the-seletun-statement/
      [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Not one single RF product, device or gadget has ever been made to first undergo independent testing (for safety to humans) by qualified experts having no ties to industry before being allowed to be used / sold on the Canadian market!
      [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Health Canada, throughout its corrupt history, has always been highly selective of the ‘studies’ it considers, i.e., it accepts just those that consider only the thermal effects of EMFs, ignoring the tens of thousands of studies (even the US Navy’s own approximately 3,000 studies) that focused on the hazardous non-thermal effects!
      [if !supportLists]·       [endif]The studies Health Canada considers seldom, if ever, exceed six years duration; whereas it is known that cancer and other major diseases have latency periods of greater than 10 years, often up to 30 years and even longer! Hence, Health Canada and its corrupt allies are able to use the term ‘Weight of Evidence’ as opposed to the more meaningful, truthful ‘Quality of Evidence.’
      [if !supportLists]·       [endif]With respect to 5G (fifth generation technology), even the US telecom industry executives themselves admitted to US Senator Blumenthal that not a single penny has been spent by any American telecom company to prove that the much higher millimeter wave frequencies that will be used in 5G are safe to be used by, on and around people of all ages, of all sizes, on a 24/7/365 day basis in perpetuity.  https://mdsafetech.org/2019/02/13/no-research-on-5g-safety-senator-blumenthal-question-answered/
      [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Finally, world-class scientist, Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, has said that: “If Man does not stop 5G, he won’t have to worry about Climate Change.” Dr. Pall has a free online book on the hazards of 5G. https://www.5gexposed.com/2019/08/24/silent-invisible-odorless-and-tasteless-radiation-is-a-crime-against-humanity/
      J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)
      Bowser, B.C. V0R 1G0

      • James Broehl says:

        Captain Flynn
        Brilliant info concerning 5G. I only learned of dangers in last month, tried to alert my local health dept (Brookline,Ma) but there is no organized resistance. Take back your power is great site to know.
        There is a greens group here but the chairman didn’t want to participate. I have ALK non smokers cancer (have recovered well with medicine) and I don’t want to go backwards in health. Who in Boston is working on this that I can join? Thank you for your great insight and info.

    • Terri says:

      Dawn, have you seen Inpower episode 1 a mass action of liability?

      This is applicable to all countries.

      Cal who is featured in this amazing, succinct video is canadian and used this successfully in Canada, which he talks about. He took an extremely complex subject and made it very understandable.

      Society has allowed lawlessness to flourish, and if we do not make it right, right now, there will be no second chance, and no future. I also made some comments which might inspire you below. It takes a lot of effort and time to reeducate ourselves and learn what has been hidden from us, but the alternative is a fate worse than death.

  • Bruce Cain says:

    Sadly I think the only way we Stop5G/Smart Meters is a global uprising that is actually developing. I also think the objectives of this uprising must be concise and clear:
    1) Remove ALL 5G Antennas
    2) Remove ALL Smart Meters and replace with Analog Meters
    In the 90’s I did start a Global Movement to Legalize Cannabis and I’d say we are winning. I’m growing my own Cannabis in my backyard. The formula is simple.

    * Set up a web site to aggregate all events.
    * Set a date: Saturday is probably best.
    * Encourage local groups to have teachins, marches, protests.
    * Keep updating the list as local groups set up a time and place for the events.

    5G: An Existential threat to our Health, Privacy and Freedom
    [This is the video of my testimony before the Dearborn Heights City Council, (7/23/2019)
    Approximately 40 minutes, 1600 views as of 08/10/2019]

    A Global Strategy to Stop 5G and Smart Meters
    A 20′ interview with Bruce Cain hosted by Sheena Alexandra (08/29/2019)

    Fluoride, 5G and our Corporate Elites

    Bruce Cain’s articles and videos on Stopping 5G and Smart Meters
    WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2019

    A Primer on the threats of 5G/Smart Meters and the Internet of Things to our Health, Privacy and Freedom

    5G & Smart Meters are an Existential threat to our Health, Privacy and Freedom
    BRUCE CAIN·TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019 481 Reads

  • Terri says:

    Legal is not lawful. There is only one law, The Supreme Law of the Land. Our founding documents were written by, of and for the people and give our servants a short list of duties, clearly spelled out. If its not there, its not lawful.

    There is only one question that all public servants should be asking: “Is this Constitutional?” The answer is simple; if in accordance to the Supreme Law of the Land, then it is permissible, if it is contrary to the Law, then it is strictly forbidden. 5G, AMI “smart meters” and “smart grids” are a total antithesis to the principles our Republic were founded on. Any statute, ordinance or regulation that is detrimental to the well-being of the people never can and never will be lawful or permitted under the Law. The Preamble to our national Constitution is very clear on the intentions of our founders in creating our Constitution, as follows:

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Clearly, the imposition of “smart meters”, “smart grids” and the 5G network do not uphold the “general Welfare”, which means the general well-being of the people, and does not refer to government handouts.

    The remedy has been given to right these egregious abuses and restore our Republic to what was intended. This was explained in Marbury vs Madison quite succinctly.

    “No provision of the Constitution is designed to be without effect,” “Anything that is in conflict is null and void of law”, “clearly, for a secondary law to come in conflict with the supreme Law was illogical, for certainly, the supreme Law would prevail over all other laws and certainly our forefathers had intended that the supreme Law would be the bases of all law and for any law to come in conflict would be null and void of law, it would bear no obligation to obey, it would purport to settle as if it had never existed, for unconstitutionality, would date for the enactment of such a law, not from the date so branded in an open court of law, no courts are bound to uphold it, and no Citizens are bound to obey it. It operates as a near nullity or a fiction of law.”

    If any statement, within any law, which is passed, is unconstitutional, the whole law is unconstitutional per Marbury v. Madison5 US 137 (1803).

    The 1996 telecommunications act is obviously null, void, and without effect, but the people do not know this due to purposely corrupt “education”, as well as ignorant lawyers who do not know the Law and ignore the Supremacy clause.

    Yes, it is this simple. Here is more to empower the people against this takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

    Pursuant to rights secured in the Constitution(s) and due process of law, American Citizens, can EXPECT their public officers to abide by their oaths in the performance of their official duties. This is a constitutional guarantee to the people. When public officers do not abide by their oaths, step outside the lawful scope of their LIMITED duties and authority, delegated to them by the people through the Constitution(s), violate their oaths, the Constitution(s), the people’s secured rights and due process of law, then, the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment to the National Constitution provide specific remedy for the people.

    “The laws of nature are the laws of God, whose authority can be superseded by no power on earth. A legislature must not obstruct our obedience to him from whose punishments they cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his (God’s) laws, we are in conscience bound to disobey.” 1772, Robin v. Hardaway, 1 Jefferson 109.

    “The rights of the individual are not derived from governmental agencies, either municipal, state, or federal, or even from the Constitution. They exist inherently in every man, by endowment of the Creator, and are merely reaffirmed in the Constitution, and restricted only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by the citizenship to the agencies of government. The people’s rights are not derived from the government, but the government’s authority comes from the people. The Constitution but states again these rights already existing, and when legislative encroachment by the nation, state, or municipality invade these original and permanent rights, it is the duty of the courts to so declare, and to afford the necessary relief.” City of Dallas, et al. v. Mitchell, 245 S. W. 944, 945-46 (1922).

    They want you to play this evil, never ending, legal battle. They do not want you to find out they work for you, and you have all the power. They have usurped God’s law to make you slaves and victims with “privileges”, while you gave up your God given rights and responsibilities and do not realize what you have lost.

    Why do I call this evil? Because it is. Every bit of this transformation from God’s law to collectivism and communism is the work of the Father of lies. When you participate, or aid and abet in the bastardization of Divine Law made manifest, you serve evil. Our founders knew of this great deception to corrupt and demean the covenant between the precious, loved beyond measure, people and subjugate them as beneath their human rulers. They were given the solution to reveal and remind the people of the Truth and were very clear about their inspiration. They gave their lives, fortunes, and their families suffered unimaginably, so they could give you, their posterity, something that made America great. An opportunity to go from serf to royalty as a son or daughter of God.

    We are where we are today because of the silence, ignorance, apathy, cowardice, and corruption of society, rolled out by the followers of evil, for their god. All they needed was the acquiescence of the people. They received this in many ways, thru their silence, the abandonment of their children to be raised by the State, the participation in every plank of the communist manifesto, and all unlawful schemes which deny us our God given rights, and the cornerstone of these rights; due process.

    We have a hard road ahead, and each generation is complicit in the fall. The question is, is anyone up to the challenge? As Yoda said, we must unlearn everything we have learned, and as it is said in 2Chronicles7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their
    wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    It really is this simple, the soulution is right in front of us, hidden in plain sight. May those who have eyes see, and may those who have ears hear.

    5G is only the beginning of the planned, total annihilation of this precious world. It is a diabolical tool and if the people do not speak up, and take lawful action, and do whatever it takes to restore the Rule of Law, it will be the end.

    • Natalie says:

      High-drama, apocalyptic religiosity is definitely not the answer to any of this. Lawyers, scientists, and clear-headed, determined citizens are the ones making headway … not end-times prozeltizers.

      • Shar says:

        Connectors will include every person on board regardless of race, creed, etc. etc. . Please be a connector to fight this. Bringing up “science vs. faith-based beliefs” is divisive at a time like this. Thank you.

      • Terri says:

        Natalie, Who is preaching end times high drama? I give lawful facts and evidence and draw logical conclusions. Where is your lawful action? I am sure my post was too long for the cognitively challenged, who due to communist public schools are functionally illiterate and lack reading comprehension.

        Have you studied real history and our founders beliefs? Lawyers are liars who promote what is legal therefore inferior to lawful, as I stated above. Do you know what the bar is? Do you understand anything about titles of nobility? Funny how all these lawyers do not seem to accomplish anything, like the vaccine debacle in California. They are also not accomplishing anything for any of our inherent rights because that is not what they are taught. Removal from office for perjury of oath per article 14 is the lawful remedy, and in power offers similar remedies. It sounds like you think our founders were hysterical as well, since I quoted them, and talked about their inspiration to form our perfect union of the several states, under God. It is even in the pledge of allegiance.

        Scientists as an authority? You mean the new priests in white coats who are responsible for almost as much death and suffering as communism? The real scientists against 5g and other abominations have already given their facts and evidence. This article was not about science, it was about how to apply the law. What does science have to do with this article? Why bring it up?

        You do not have to be religious to see the writing on the wall. Just read Wes Penre’s documentary on Transhumanism. Have you heard of agenda 21 turned agenda 30? Listened to Bill Gates and his grand depopulation plan? Seen the Georgia guidestones? The list goes on and on. The green new deal? Monsanto’s goal to patent everything and remove all that is natural or made by God, and replace it? Read the deagle report? Read anything about what 5g does to life? Have you heard of Ray Kurzweil or Gordie Rose, founder and keeper of D wave? Do you know what cern is doing?

        My post had nothing to do with “religion”. It was truth backed by legal and lawful facts and evidence and a solution for the challenges we face. I also gave my opinion about evil. Why would you call me names and falsely denigrate me and my information just because you choose not to believe in a Creator and I use the word God? It is really sad that is all you have to say about my post, for you missed the whole point of it.

        Ironic that you tell me to shut up and let the “authorities” take care of this on a site called take back your power in the Constitutional Republic of America, where the people are the authority, and retain all the power, not government or so called experts. You really need to look at how communism has infected you to seek to turn our founding documents and principles on their head, and advocate the worship and obedience of “authority”, yet accuse me of being a religious nut? That is hypocrisy.

        Humans and all life are sacred, but humans are the only ones who have forgotten this. Its past time for humans to stop wallowing as peasants, remember who they are, and save themselves from the destructive path they have chosen.

        One more question, what is a prozeltizer?

    • Terri says:

      Thank you Terri.
      Put this out there , everywhere ❣️??✨

    • Audrey says:

      I completely agree; very well said. All of us as human beings have inherent rights; these derive from our birthright as divine souls created equally by God. Even scientists recognize that there is a non-material world out there that they do not understand yet.

      Those of us who have never imagined ourselves in the front lines as activists are now becoming activists, not as an intellectual decision but from our consciences because we cannot do otherwise.

      If Teri’s language seems too “faith-based” for some readers, substitute your own language instead. The concepts she is enunciating are universal. Science and religion are explaining their world view in their own language. Eventually they will be more accepting of each other’s language and respect it even though it may not be their way of communicating.

    • Ethan says:

      Terri knows what’s up!!! We all need to recognize and understand, from our own inner sense of reason and Knowing, that government IS CHAOS and SLAVERY! It takes deep observation, contemplation and introspection to Realize that, but nonetheless, it is True. All forms of present corruption and their associated consequences – both environmental and social – in our global cultures are fundamentally made manifest due to one basic, yet completely erroneous and axiomatic belief that exists in the minds of the vast majority of Earth’s human population. It’s a belief that’s been imposed on nearly every single humans mind through various clever and subtle methods. This is the absolutely false and bogus belief that societal government, as an authoritative entity, is legitimate and necessary to create and maintain a state of “order” in human society. Where this belief came from is debatable and we’ll likely never know the Truth regarding that, but the important thing now is for ALL to recognize this belief for what it is, and come to Know that it is false and it IS the cause of much of the trouble humanity has created for itself.
      Everything that Terri has stated in this comment is profoundly True. People who don’t recognize the Truth written in this commentary are viewing it with a limited understanding of the English language and the various contexts in which it has been and continues to be used. Many who don’t understand the Truth expressed in Terri’s comment are also likely viewing it with their own personal negative connotations regarding some of the words that have been used; this appears to be the case with Natalie.
      I have much respect for Terri and I thank you for taking the time to formulate your thoughts into this comment and share it here!
      Anybody interested in further exploring the foundational principles from which Terri’s understanding comes from, should take the time to watch the videos linked below in this comment, and also thoroughly view the following website and it’s content linked here http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/
      Our ability to create REAL Order in human society, and the subsequent state of harmony/equilibrium that would result on a planetary level, fully depends on whether or not the majority of humans living on the planet continue to harbor false beliefs in their mind, and subsequently base their actions on those false beliefs which inevitably result in destruction, chaos, slavery, and the domination of evil. Don’t like the way that sounds or is phrased? Well guess what…….doesn’t matter if you like it or not, doesn’t matter if you believe it or not; that’s an immutable Truth that is, unfortunately, a reality for ALL of us living on this planet right now! It’s time that humanity grow up and accept the Responsibility we are ALL born with, and dissolve the fallacious idea that we can abdicate that Responsibility to government, and some how, magically, that entity will bring about order through the exertion of various forms of control. It’s time to recognize that control through coercion is wrong, it CAN ONLY create chaos, and fundamentally, it IS evil!

  • Lia says:

    Thank you very much for putting this out there. I’ve forwarded it to many. It brings light into this darkness of 5G.

  • MJ says:

    It appears that the 5G hardware is going up without the knowledge of who’s doing anything related in our area, though Verizon says they are in the process but the ‘mysterious’ towers that have been noticed are not ‘their towers’.

    Many towers are available to those who want to rent a mounting space, so not being ‘theirs’ is disengenuous possibly….

    An energy engineer in his comments among friends said that the ’emergency responders communications’ networks were being ‘upgraded’ in his area so that would explain some of what we were seeing conceivably as a FCC surreptitious FOUNDATION for phone companies to build on.

    Under the disguise of improving ‘safety’, how does that affect your legal challenge against assault?

    BEWARE overconfidence in logic for courts.

  • Great summary. I would like to be able to direct my legislators to the list of Australian cell sites that have been halted in Australia. You wrote, ” [Approximately 2,500 4G/5G cell sites have been halted in Australia. -Ed.]” Where would I be able to find this list? Thank you!

    • Josh del Sol Beaulieu says:

      Iishana, for more info on this please contact Raymond Broomhall and his team at: https://EMRLegalEducation.com

      • Danny says:

        There won’t be any 5G in southern america, here’s why:

        The Psychopaths who are controlling this world via proxy, have planned their safe escape well in advance.

        The Illuminati “elite” have already secured their own vast freshwater aquifers in their hideout country called “ANDINIA” in Patagonia. See “Zionists Set Their Sights on Patagonia” and “The Andinia Plan”.

        Patagonia in South America seems to be the refuge for the mega-elite. This is where some Nazis were said to have fled in 1945

        While visiting her 11,000 acre estate with Ted Turner in Patagonia years ago, Jane Fonda said wouldn’t it be nice if “something happened” in America so that she was forced to stay in Patagonia. Along with George Soros, who has bought nearly a million acres nearby, plus a Bariloche resort. Then there’s Angela Merkel, who has bought an estate not far from George Bush’s, and Sylvester Stallone, etc. Even the Queen owns an estate there called “Monte Dinero”, and her grandchildren are being taught to speak Spanish by their Spanish nanny.

        Luciano Benetton, the Italian textile magnate, spent $50 million a few years ago for nearly 2.2 million acres of sheep ranches, which sprawl along a 60-mile length of the Chubut River valley and supply his company’s wool mills.

        A land agent there said, “I have more demand for good ranches than I have ranches to sell,” He spends most of his days trolling the region’s dirt back roads in search of potential sellers and recently flew south to Patagonia’s tip to scout for ranches there.

        “I have orders to buy ranches with no price limit, and I can’t find them,” he says with a sigh.
        “People say, ‘Why in the world do you want to invest in something so far away?’ ”

        Answer: The Illuminati have no intention of going into “Underground Bunkers”. That’s just disinformation for the peasants. They are running away to Andinia, to safe their own skin & ends.

  • Chef says:

    Thank you for “Empowering Municipalities to Meet the 5G ‘Land Grab’ Challenge”!

    Did you know that Acts of Congress are limited in jurisdiction primarily to Federal property? ………
    See: “Right Knowledge For American Law – Prt. III”:

  • Gail Jones says:

    In a recent session of the UN, member Guterres admitted complete ignorance regarding 5G installations , and made light of the implications of the discussion by admitting to have installed them in his own home ! Was rewarded by guffaws and laughter by the members! How can we expect serious consideration of this EXTREMELY DANGEROUS 5G weapon from a group , totally uneducated on the subject! THE UN IS A JOKE , A ROOM FULL OF “SUITS”! BUFFOONS!☠️☠️☠️☠️?

  • Audrey says:

    I agree with most of Julian Gresser’s recommended actions. The one I take exception with is the idea of holding a referendum to let the people decide. We can all come up with examples where that resulted in a very undesirable outcome. My top example is Brexit. What a mess that created when the UK allowed its citizens to vote on that very complicated issue.

    Our founding fathers foresaw exactly that when they urged that we have a representative government. A populace that is not sufficiently informed can not vote intelligently on ANY issue.

    Most people in the US are not sufficiently informed about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The reason is that they receive their information from mainstream media – TV, newspapers, radio, etc. – all of which have suppressed unbiased, factual information and research on the dangers of all EMR including smart meters, cordless phones, and all wireless devices and technology. Even the Internet’s powerful interests like Google are suppressing the unrestricted flow of information that has been part of the Internet since it began that they do not like.

    What a disaster if we had a referendum even in our city of 60,000. Yes, more people are becoming aware of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, but not yet enough. Back to my example, Brexit squeaked by by a 51% vote. That is too close to hold a referendum on this issue. That means 49% (rounded to a whole percent) voted against leaving the EU. 51% of the populace of the US does not understand the dangers of EMR even to any extent.

    In short, referendums will only accomplish a desirable result IF the voters are WELL informed.

    That said, I very much appreciate Mr. Gresser’s efforts in condensing a complex issue down to three basic assumptions and actions to be taken. Our 5G rollout is just beginning here in the San Diego area, and his outline is an ideal, effective strategy for us to follow. Thank you, Mr. Gresser, for your research into Raymond Broomhall’s successful methods. My husband and I are seniors, and he has Parkinson’s, so I am going to pursue Mr. Broomhall’s tactics.

  • >