Forbes: “Coronavirus Could Infect Privacy And Civil Liberties Forever”

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“From a technological perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is one massive testbed for surveillance capitalism. More specifically, it’s a testbed for new, much more large-scale forms of surveillance.”

The real pandemic is fear. That is why this is all happening – this giant, orchestrated, globalist, technetronic plan. And their campaign of fear has had a neutralizing effect on the vast majority of human beings, to the point of where common sense and the innate desire for freedom has been deactivated so much that most people are being dutifully compliant with their newly-installed prison bars.

We are now in a war involving the mind and spirit, whether we’d like to be, or not. Do not let fear have dominion over you. This choice will always be yours to make. Remember the V for Vendetta film. “That last inch…” that is your integrity. That is your choice to be sovereign in your mind. Claim it, and live from there.


Coronavirus Could Infect Privacy And Civil Liberties Forever

Not only are governments adopting new economic and public health measures to fight the coronavirus and its impact, but they’re harnessing big data in ways that, while potentially saving lives, will also reduce our privacy and civil liberties.

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