Air Tube Headset

$21.95+ USD

Minimizes Radiation to the Head Area. If you read the fine print that comes with your cell phone, you will see that even the manufacturer warns NOT to put the phone up to your head. Radiation levels near the phone can be quite high. Using a headset to increase the distance from the phone to your head dramatically reduces your radiation exposure.


Using an AIR TUBE headset has these additional advantages


1- No radiation can travel up the wire to the ear piece

2- There are no speakers or electronics (so no EMF) in the earpiece 3.5 mm, 3 band plug


Simple ear-bud style with soft rubber cushions give good fit and excellent sound quality. Long 39 inch cord with built-in microphone. Works with most phone models. Better than speaker phone mode as you can enjoy more privacy and put the phone down.


Great for home or work, listening to music, games, and of course.. phone calls! Patented.