The Dean Henderson Interview… and Major Developments Since the 5G Summit

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An author of six books, Dean Henderson has been called, “the best deep-researcher on the planet.”

For many of us asking the question, “what’s the real story… what is the root reason for the 5G agenda?”, my conversation with Dean (embedded just above) can offer a key perspective at this critical time.

The world wants to go deeper. I sense that many people ready to hear it like it is. So, grab a coffee and enjoy this conversation. As some of this material may be new and challenging, I encourage you to take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.


Since the 5G Crisis Summit (you can still watch free here), there have been so many game-changing developments. As we continue to develop the next phase, here are several of the most recent news items:

26 Oct 2019 (upcoming)October 26: Day of Action on 5G
Americans for Responsible Technology / USA
They also have excellent new flyers
18 Oct 2019Multi-billion-dollar liability action launched against 5G telecom companies / Netherlands
And 1,429 participants have signed up just in the first week.
18 Oct 2019Drone Update: RCUH has Withdrawn their Application!
Debra Greene PhD / Hawaii
Good news, though the work continues
17 Oct 2019 We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe
Scientific American – Joel Moskowitz PhD (op-ed)
Very compelling & great article for sharing
15 Oct 2019SpaceX files paperwork to launch up to 30,000 more Starlink global internet satellites
Meanwhile, Elon’s insanity continues. 42,000 satellites, up to 5,000,000 watts each, with beam-forming capability… what could go wrong?
11 Oct 2019EM Radiation Research Trust puts UK government on notice regarding 5G
EM Radiation Research Trust / UK
They have also followed up with a second letter now
10 Oct 2019Liability claims from fires force Pacific Gas & Electric to turn off power to 700K customers / California
And PG&E has filed for bankruptcy. The liability — caused by their ‘smart’ / insane power grid tech — is too much.
10 Oct 2019 Immediate health impacts with 5G in Switzerland / Internet service providers in USA have spent more than $1.2 billion on lobbying since 1998
2018 was the biggest year so far, with a total spend of more than $80 million shelled out in legal bribery
4 Oct 20195G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People – Claire Edwards
EXCELLENT compilation of 153+ developments in the worldwide battle to be 5G-free
2 Oct 2019Alliance of French NGOs demand stop to ‘out of control’ 5G network
ConnexionFrance / France
They have identified that it could “push the planet and our society into a world with out-of-control consequences”.
2 Oct 2019VIDEO: Stop 5G campaigner John Kitson addresses UKIP party conference
John Kitson / UK
This is an excellent presentation – John is very clear and comprehensive
1 Oct 2019FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr grilled about 5G
Derrick Broze / Houston
As Derrick says, it really does not look good for Commissioner Carr…
1 Oct 2019Supreme Court of Appeal affirms Cape Town’s constitutional mandate to regulate and control the use of land within its municipal borders
EMFSA / South Africa
The judgement sets an important precedent that all telecommunications service providers, inclusive of state-owned Telkom, must obtain the City’s approval prior to installing cell phone masts in Cape Town.
24 Sept 2019VIDEO: Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on AI, 5G at the UN
The Sun / UK
If you haven’t seen it yet, Boris Johnson has tactfully outed 5G and AI developments as very likely evil: “Should the machines, and only the machines, decide whether or not we are eligible for a mortgage or insurance or what surgery or medicines we should receive? Are we doomed to a cold and heartless future in which computer says yes — or computer says no with the grim finality of an emperor in the arena?”
16 Sept 2019VIDEO: Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE
Canadians 4 Safe Technology
Valuable insider insight from the former president of Microsoft Canada.

Follow your own fire within, get involved, and stay tuned to our website and email list for updates. (You can subscribe by signing up for the 5G Crisis Summit free.)

  • D says:

    What does 5G do to the environment?
    I am on Ethernet now, but my place is already full of 5G.
    It is happening … quietly.
    How much radiation can human body handle? I don’t know where to go
    to find that out?

  • Barb says:

    I wish I could understand what he is saying! What I could hear, was very interesting..

  • Regina says:

    The video is not running, just spinning circles.

  • Brad says:

    What a great discussion. First exposure to Dean Henderson’s work which I will be checking out for certain. Thanks gents.

  • Elaine says:

    After 15 minutes, I feel as a U.K. citizen I feel very negatively towards Dean Henderson already. Wow, I will struggle on with interview in the hope than we are not apportioned even more blame, no guarantees, would rather have heard about the 5G crisis rather than his political opinions all up front!

    • viv jones says:

      Hi Elaine, I too am English butI feel only gratitude towards Dean Henderson. I have been studying many of the topics he raises for almost three years and already knew about 70% of what he is talking about. I have gained a massive amount of knowledge through listening to this one discussion and intend to sign up to his site and to buy his books. Because of this man’s obvious honesty, he has no choice but to put the historic blame squarely where it belongs, and if it’s the UK that is to blame for certain actions/events, then we simply have to accept this and try, by our own actions to help to put things right.

      • Sarah says:

        He’s not blaming the UK. He’s talking about the controllers or puppet masters based in the “The City of London”, also known as “The City of London Corporation” or ‘Square Mile” located within London which is completely separate to the UK.

    • Ana says:

      You are a UK citizen not a member of the Crown family. All people have been subjected to submission by the royal bloodlines, in UK and in much of the world. There is no blame? Just the invitation to be awake and take back our power, now we know what we deal with.

  • Josephine McCormick says:

    Too much prep talk please cut to the chase

  • Patrice says:

    Agree about your point of inter-disciplinary study. My undergraduate did like-wise. Our perspective on thing has been parsed into a fractional view of our organic reality. How do we regain the influence on our own life?

  • Jane says:

    Just WOW. I feel my life is radically changed by this interview. Thank you. From my heart. So many things fall into place somehow. You two are amazing. Complementing each other. Love from Denmark

  • George Corvin says:

    The reason behind all the murder weapons is simple. The Cabal wants to reduce the population to below 2 billion and they try everything to make people infertile, to poison and to damage them. They use the pharmafia , politicians, the pope, the medimafia, the media, even electronic companies. . The first problem is that most of the people in the world live in a comfortable dreamworld. To get them off their butts is the greatest problem. They are probably fluoridated beyond hope. The only quick way would be is to get a large army in the world moving and collect all the culprits and send them to heaven. If one started others would follow. This would stop wars, most of which were run by the Eviluminati. Theoretically, it is a good idea to reduce the world’s population, by allocating to every woman 2 children. This would result in 1.3-1.4 child per family. I have no idea what Billy Goates and George Szaros are getting out of this circus.

  • Vernon Moat says:

    Not only have we got Paranoid Psychopaths running the planet, they have now got OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to control our every move with AI Tech.
    If we don’t get rid of these psychopathic criminals in the #DeepState & Network of Global Corporate Control they will just create more, Eugenic, genocidal events randomly.
    5G is just the beginning, the infrastructure base for the Radiation grid sitting on you lamp post outside your house.
    Smart Meters, Climate Carbon Tax, Water Tax ….
    They will monitor your sex life, how many people are in your house & they will know every time you flush the toilet.
    These people are mentally ill beyond belief & they have stolen enough money to get someone else to do everything they want.

  • Juliet Simonis says:

    Yes my thoughts are … we are meant to build Empyres NOT Empires and are women ceasing to be Mothers and becoming simply incubators for the State. ? Impressive documentary.

  • Richard says:

    Dean is close to the truth. If your read Genesis you see Cain got a mark because he was afraid of being killed by whom? By the people already on the earth before Adam and Eve. The Adamic race was the last race created in chapter two to tend the garden. They are caucasians, hence the Caucus Mountains next to the garden of Eden and all the descriptions of them as being fair and showing blood in the face. The bible is not about everyone (no one woman can give birth to racially different babies) just the white races split between descending from Adam/Seth or through Cain – eternal hatred between these two races. The line of Cain comes from Eve mating with the forbidden line of the devil in the garden, the apple is a metaphor, they hid and covered their nakedness and Eve’s womb was cursed with pain – logical punishments for sexual sin not eating an apple. You don’t beguile someone into eating but having sex. Note the family tree lineage metaphor throughout the bible. In the book of Chronicles the descendants of Jacob rule over those of Esau until in the end times for a season those roles are reversed. Those descendants of Cain whose father is the devil-see John chapter 8:34-44 are now running the earth. Many truths in the bible are still hidden, Martin Luther didn’t get everything out in the open. Remember reformation day is October 31, Halloween hides that as it has taken over. There’s more!
    Their time is limited as soon Jesus Christ will return not in a make believe rapture whereby some get to escape when no Christian ever could, but to rule the earth and punish the wicked. The bible stories you were taught are only half truths. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.”Hosea 4:6 The great deception that will fool even the elect spoken of in the book of Revelation is that the descendants of Seth will think they’re goyim and the outsiders, the descendants of Cain will present themselves as God’s chosen people only they are a matriarchal culture whereas the bible is about a patriarchal line of people. Yes the ones calling themselves jews are in the bible only they didn’t write it they’re the bad guys in the story. Please wake up, for more information listen to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show, the author of The Synagogue of Satan, the most often banned book of today.

  • Mik says:

    The book”Futureshock” was 1970 (not 1995), the “New Age” movement began in the 1960s (not the 1990s) – Josh rightly pulled up Dean Henderson that The Intellectual Property Office, formerly called the Patent Office is (merely?) a legal regulator of inventions. Reader, check Ockham’s Razor. However, there is the incomprehensibility that apparently good people can be blind to things (like especially 5G) that hurt us!

  • dennis mcintire says:

    Great interview. This guy comes across as a really decent person. Well educated, well informed and truly understands and is working to expose the real issues and agendas at the root of virtually all social problems facing the world today. Thanks for working to help get this information out and bringing this message to others. According to Howard Zinn the native Americans had no formal system of laws. They were lead solely by example and natural human spiritual instinct.

  • G says:

    Brave of you to put this out there Josh. A lot of people not ready to hear it even though it’s all over the internet. I don’t go along with everything Dean says although some of it I do. It’s not all the work of the British Empire. I watched Boris Johnson’s speech from the link you gave and he is as confused as other politicians. He lumped the vaccine doubters in with the irresponsibility of 5G proliferation! This is why I don’t usually listen to politicians. Some of them mean well, but they (most) aren’t scientists and they have ‘advisers’ who tell them what to think.

  • debra says:

    I think this guy should start wearing some kind of a shield in case they want to use the Heart attack gun on him.

  • Dave says:

    I think Tavistock was set up after WW1 to investigate shell shock. Long time before what Dean says. The agenda is not in question. They are evil. I now question how far MK-Ultra has gone when I see the people out there who want to destroy our freedom. They are conditioned and I see every school day classes of vaccine damaged children taken to the park for play. The parents themselves are so busily working and preconditioned they are oblivious to it all. TRY AND TELL THEM THOUGH!!!!!! It’s all about consumerism and Bernays knew what idiots the human population collectively is.

  • Ron Rattner says:


    Keep following your heart, and telling taboo Truth.
    When Truth is taboo, democracy’s through.

    Perseverance Furthers!

    Ron Rattner

  • Thanks for listening everyone. Resistance is the only option!

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you Dean. I’ve been travelling the quieter back roads for a while now, ignoring all those traffic jams and it was nice to bump into you on my travels. Listening to this interview has helped to join quite a few dots in my mind from reading and listening to other ‘truth researchers’ over the last decade or so. I am just about to order your most recent book from Amazon. Thanks again.

    • Peggy says:

      Wow! Truth bombs galore! Bless you for your work and willingness to share your knowledge. Much enjoyed and appreciated.

  • SC says:

    Could you please make this superb interview available not only in an audio version but also as a transcript?

    For those of us who bought (for $24) all the transcripts from the 5G Summit, maybe you’ll make this transcript available, too — as a bonus? Please?

    I must admit I enjoyed watching Dean’s kitty friend on the bed alternately cleaning herself and catnapping.

    Am looking forward to reading more of Dean’s posts and checking out some of his books.

  • FYI, one branch of the Pawnee (The Wolf People) did sacrifice. They would kidnap a young girl from another Nation and keep her for a year, treating her well. Then she would experience a ritual death. I have always thought that that branch got “got” by the nasty element that we know so well now.

    My neighbors and I stopped one tower from being built and now I am moving onto clearing 4G & 5G from the US, expecting it to stop worldwide. I am writing letters to rulers of the world via another jurisdiction, not The District of Columbia. I am requesting each to put a stop to the foreign attack of 4G & 5G. Details may be found at I still have many more letters to write and to send without stamps from the other post-office hiding in plane site.

    Btw, when I brought the other post-office to the attention of the boss at my local United States Postal Service site, he turned white in shock. “I’ve worked here for 32 years and never knew about this!” My neighbor told me that I made the poor guy swallow a Red pill! 🙂

  • Peter says:

    We have no reason to believe Joel Moskowitz is “safe.” He and many of his cohorts have not been telling the whole truth about wireless tech from the outset, instead appealing to corrupted official bodies for that which cannot exist: A “safe” exposure limit. If they were telling truth, they would have been calling for a moratorium/shutdown. Instead, career protection ruled.

    The study that should have been the basis for shutdown was done in the 1990’s, when it would have been much easier than now, but was suppressed by the Government and Industry.

    We also have no reason to believe that 2G-4G is safe. In fact, in almost every case of a 5G screamer talking safety, the reference is to the plethora of literature showing 2G-4G is not safe, condemning 5G by implication. Nor has 2G-4G ever been (properly) tested for safety, and THAT, folks, is the REAL crisis, which the Summit has not done a good job of getting across.

    One main thing to understand is that 3G/4G is, ALL BY ITSELF, a quite sufficient terminal nightmare. We need no 5G to be fatally threatened. Another big error in all this is failure to put strong focus on the worst threat of all – the environment. The threat to humans is emphasized instead – typical human self-involvement and arrogance. Wireless threatens ALL life, and one of these days users are going to have to ‘get it’ that the planet is just a tad more important than than talking to their coffeemaker.

    Also, due to derelict reporting, few people even know what 5G is in its entirety. At this point in the imminent rollout, it’s going to be mostly 4G, not millimeter wave. So that’s the misdirection that’s been fed. And all “5G harm” reports I’ve seen have not an iota of proof it was MMW. It’s 4G, folks. They show meters that can’t even read 5G frequencies! Proving it’s 4G.

    “26 Oct 2019 (upcoming) October 26: Day of Action on 5G
    Americans for Responsible Technology / USA”
    There is no such thing as responsible technology, especially in re Wireless. It CANNOT be safe. And if you include the planet in the equation, there’s very little technology of any kind that is “responsible.” One way or another, it’s all toxic. Henderson says this, to his credit.

    But to his discredit – at least up to about 35 minutes, he gives no credit to the researcher who’s been talking about this for decades, and has blazed the trail – David Icke.

    Also, with all the antenna paranoia, WAY too little attention has been given to the satellite travesty. ALL 5G opposition needs to be focused on that. Antennas can be “dealt with” on the ground if necessary, but once those satellites are up there and turned on, kiss your behind goodbye. Henderson is talking about who’s at the switch.

    Finally, all the talk of danger is about the radiation, while what’s being done to the planet to get the materials to create all technology and our kid-poisoning, ultimately suicidal way of life gets barely a mention. See “The Price of Techno-Civilization” in “Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Endlessly Entertaining. Criminally Instigated. Terminally Pathological.”

    So let’s put it this way, people: A 5G-free world, with 4g in operation, is DOOMED. To get rid of 5G on the ground, get rid of 4G – all wireless tech and devices. For survival and what’s left of liberty.

    • Peter says:

      Ooops, missed copying the opening statement, which “explains” the existing one:
      “17 Oct 2019 We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe
      Scientific American – Joel Moskowitz PhD (op-ed)”
      Sorry about that.

    • Josh del Sol Beaulieu says:

      From my perspective, Joel Moskowitz is doing tremendous work in his efforts to expose all of this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Nickie says:

    Oh my goodness, Josh – you are a champion. Thank you so much for all you are doing. This talk was amazing. The summit was amazing. I am going to send this email to all of my family and friends. This joins so many dots and will be so good for people to just ponder on, look around, see what is happening and it has to dawn on them that all of the compartmentalized areas are connected. And that has to lead to enlightenment. Thank you all, again.

  • Cheryll says:

    Hi Josh – please revisit Boris Johnson speech. Very clever ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’ P.R. Speech! He draws you in to condemn 5G but then plays the hero by announcing that government will ‘take over’ security! A man that struggles usually to connect two sentences and here he delivers a ‘game plan! Take a look at European Commission website on WP0 – WP9. About data collection and ties in nicely with 5G. I am working on a concise information portal for U.K. folk to send to their representatives at street level.

  • Ron says:

    Haven’t seen the video yet

  • Carol says:

    Well, this was fascinating although I already knew most of it, but I tuned in to find out about 5G and how I can protect myself from it. didn’t learn one darn thing. You never got to it. Henderson is interesting,but he digresses from his digressions.

  • >