There are at least SEVEN sub-agendas being advanced SIMULTANEOUSLY in the current false flag initiative:

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1) ROLLOUT MANDATORY VACCINES (which will contain the virus, probable nanotech, and who knows what else)
2) PUT 5G EVERYWHERE (line: “we’re all working/learning from home, we need bandwidth”)
3) HUMAN BIOMETRICS (“we need to make sure you’ve taken the vaccine”)
4) CRASH THE ECONOMY; make people are helplessly dependent on handouts (statism)
5) DIGITAL CURRENCY (linked with biometrics)
6) FEAR-BASED SOCIAL CONTROL; quarantining people; social distancing; installing fear and suspicion of others; hearts growing cold.
7) possibly to REMOVE TRUMP (who at least appears to be waking up to this false flag, though maybe he’s in on it too)
…there are probably more.

WE MUST RESIST THIS TAKEOVER AGENDA. Claim your right to your life and freedom. It’s your divine birthright. Invoke it. Connect with Nature and others. Get with your Creator. Do your best to embody love. Let’s create our way out of this.

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THESE FACTS TO YOUR COMMUNITY & ELECTED REPS… they too need to info & support to wake up.

-Josh del Sol

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